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Kellye Howard

Illinois native Kellye Howard has the energy of a two year old, the mind of a teenage runaway, and the heart of puppy, which kind of makes her the comedic equivalent to Frankensteinís adorable kid sister.† Except instead of destroying villages with insatiable fury, Kellye destroys audiences with her hilarious dissections of stereotypes of societal expectations.† With television appearances on Comedy Central, OWNís My Life is a Joke, and Nickelodeon, itís only a matter of time until Kellye establishes herself as a true monster of comedy.


Double Threat: Kellye Howard & Brianna Baker (BEDE)
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 11
8:30 PM
Jokes and Notes Presents The Urban Comedy Hour
STAGE 773 - The Box June 13
10:00 PM
5-Star Leading Ladies
Jokes and Notes June 15
8:30 PM


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