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Mike Burns

Hailed as a Ďgeniusí by both The Huffington Post and Vice magazine, Mike Burns is the creator of the cult hit Twitter feed @DadBoner.† In addition to regularly writing and performing at Second City Chicago, iO and the Upright Citizens Brigade, Mikeís festival appearances include Montrealís Just For Laughs, The Chicago Improv Festival, Seattle Sketchfest, New York International Fringe Festival, The DC Comedy Festival, HBO Las Vegas Comedy Festival, and Portlandís Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He loves Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bob Seger, Ric Flair, 70s-80s muscle cars that he canít afford, and heíd also really like you to buy him a cold beer. Nothiní fancy, just whateverís on special is fine.


Dancing Around the Shit Fire with Kyle Kinane
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 13
8:30 PM
@DadBoner and Friends, You Guys
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 12
10:00 PM
@DadBoner and Friends, You Guys
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 13
10:00 PM
The Blackout Diaries
STAGE 773 - The Cabaret June 14
11:30 PM
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
STAGE 773 - The Box June 14
10:00 PM


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