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Mike Stanley

Chicago-based comedian Mike Stanley blends coarse anecdotes about life and sex with warmth that recently earned him the title of “Best Chicago Stand-Up Comedian” in a People’s Choice poll conducted by the Chicago Reader.  Mike’s penchant for brutal honesty spiced with a healthy dose of wit have earned him a bevy of awards at comedy festivals across the country, and invitations to perform alongside some of the biggest names in comedy, including Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, and Dave Attell, to name but a select few.  Wry, witty, cunning, and crass, it’s only a matter of time until Mike becomes the filthiest of household names.


The Shit Show
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 11
10:00 PM
The Dailymotion Comedy Showcase
STAGE 773 - The Thrust June 15
7:00 PM
Double Threat: Mike Stanley & Sean Flannery
STAGE 773 - The Pro June 11
8:30 PM
Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net
STAGE 773 - The Box June 14
8:30 PM
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
STAGE 773 - The Box June 14
10:00 PM


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