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The Blackout Diaries

The Blackout Diaries is a comedy show where stand-up comedians, plus “regular” people (cops, firefighters, teachers, etc.) tell true drinking stories and then you, the audience, can ask questions. Usually every Saturday in Chicago, an odd mix of storytellers, ranging from comics to CEOs to circus clowns, tell a packed audience some of their funniest drinking stories – complete with photos and voicemails from the events. It’s a bit like the Socratic Method, but with tequila. The routinely sold-out show – which has been a critic’s pick in The Chicago Reader, Timeout Chicago and Onion AV Club –was created in 2011 by its host Sean Flannery and was launched as a podcast earlier this year.

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The Blackout Diaries
Mike Burns , Sean Flannery
STAGE 773 - The Cabaret June 14
11:30 PM
The Blackout Diaries
Kyle Kinane , Sean Flannery , Chris Condren
STAGE 773 - The Cabaret June 15
11:30 PM

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