King of the Nerds null
  • Nerd Theme Song

    Led by Josh's rapping, the Nerds compose a song that sums up their experiences at Nerdvana.

  • Return of the King

    Hear ye, hear ye! Robert and Curtis will be returning with a new set of Nerds for Season 3.,,269956,00.html
  • The New King

    Kayla proclaims that her mission is accomplished after defeating Jack and ascending to the throne.

  • Welcome to the Nerdvana

    Genevieve gives you a tour of the place the Nerds called home while they were competing.

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Y, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y,

Game On

Jack and Kayla work on the challenges within the carousel but find it difficult.

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Nerd Word

Having been a contestant on Season 1, Brandon has a unique perspective on what's going on in Nerdvana.

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Testing Challenges

Genevieve talks about her job building prototypes for the Nerd Wars and Nerd Offs.

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