Conversation with Allen Payne

Allen Payne was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Tyler Perry's new hit family comedy House of Payne.

Q: Describe your character and his relationship to the Payne family.
A: CJ is a kind and sincere man who is going through a troubling situation with his wife. He feels like a fish out of water because he doesnít really know how to raise his children by himself. So he looks for guidance from his aunt and uncle. He is a good man who loves his wife but knows that he canít really help her right now. This character is trying to fit in with his family as they all struggle with their own personal idiosyncrasy.

Q: Why are you excited about House of Payne?
A: What is exciting about House of Payne is that it isnít traditional, and that itís something different and fresh. This is a feel-good series. We push the limit on the show and use humor to deal with some serious topics. I am excited for the audience to have the opportunity to meet the Payne family, see how real they are and welcome them into their homes every week. Working with Tyler Perry is exciting because he is extremely creative and channels all of his energy into his projects.

Q: How would you describe your experience on the set?
A: This is an extremely talented cast, and it is such a great feeling to work with such wonderful and professional people. We all have diverse acting backgrounds and use our independent knowledge to collectively make our characters work. We really are a family.

Q: Why is House of Payne a good fit for TBS?
A: The show is extremely funny, and TBS is known for funny programming, so the two fit very well together.

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