Return, The     Tue. July, 29 at 01:30 am
Oscar returns from his long vacation; Andy takes advantage of events to get closer to Michael; Jim gets Karen and Pam to help stage a prank on a new target.

Ben Franklin     Wed. July, 30 at 01:30 am
Michael brings two adult performers into the office in honor of Phyllis' wedding shower; Karen confronts Pam about her past with Jim.

Business School     Thu. July, 31 at 01:30 am
Ryan invites Michael to be a guest speaker at his business school; Dwight battles a bat that is loose in the office; Pam invites co-workers to her first art show.

Cocktails     Fri. August, 01 at 12:00 am
Michael and Jan make their relationship public during a party; Jim meets Karen's ex; the staff goes to happy hour for drinks.

Negotiation, The     Fri. August, 01 at 01:30 am
Darryl meets with Michael to negotiate a pay increase; Jim deals with the consequences of Pam's confession to Roy.

Safety Training     Tue. August, 05 at 12:00 am
Andy returns from anger-management classes, planning to make a fresh start with his co-workers; Michael and Dwight try to illustrate the dangers of the workplace.

Product Recall     Tue. August, 05 at 01:30 am
The staff goes into crisis mode after a shipment of paper goes out with an obscene watermark; Michael holds an impromptu press conference; Jim and Andy handle harried clients who used the paper.

Women's Appreciation     Wed. August, 06 at 01:30 am
Outrage breaks out in the office when Phyllis gets an eyeful from a flasher; Dwight and Andy work on catching the predator.

Beach Games     Thu. August, 07 at 12:00 am
Michael must recommend his own replacement when the company considers him for a corporate position; Pam must watch Jim and Karen have fun together at a company outing.

Job Part 1, The     Thu. August, 07 at 01:30 am
Michael, Jim and Karen go to New York to be interviewed for a job opening; in Scranton, the new regime institutes sweeping reforms; Jan comes in with exciting news.

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