Bridesmaid Dress Tips

Voluminous Skirt: Using the existing skirt from the dress, measure from the bottom up to the desired length. Include an additional 2-3 inches for your waistband and cut the rest off. Don't worry if it looks way too big for your waist. The more fabric you have at the waist, the more volume you'll have. Fold the new waistband in and sew to create a tube or channel. Cut two small slits in the waistband wherever you want your tie to be, front, back, left hip etc...Thread a scarf or ribbon through the channel to create a drawstring waist.

Strapless Cocktail Dress: For this look you want to use a dress that has a pretty wide a-line as you will need enough fabric to create the pleats. Again starting from the bottom of your dress or skirt (this saves you from having to hem the bottom!), measure up to your desired length and chop off the rest. Measure out your pleats and pin them around the entire garment. Wider pleats will work best on these types of fabrics. Choose your top. I used a corset but any top that is structured will work. It needs to be able to hold the weight of the skirt once attached. Sew the skirt to the top. Finish off the look with a belt or a ribbon.

Flirty, Fun Dress: Take the skirt or bottom of the dress and measure from the bottom where your neckline will be. Cut off the rest. Then cut straight down the center back to create a dramatic plunging back. As with anything, measure it out first. You don't want to go too low! Fold those sides in and sew to finish off the edges. Make a small channel at the top of the garment. You may need to arc the fabric help it lay properly. Thread a lightweight scarf or ribbon through. By now it should start looking like a dress. By using a drawstring neckline, you can play with how high or low the dress will sit on you. You can tie a bow in the front or in the back. Be creative!

Throw pillow: Measure the pillow you will be covering and add on another 1/2 to an inch for seam allowance. Using the fabric from you dress, cut out two pieces to your measurements. Place the two pieces on top of each other, inside out! Sew along 3 sides of it. Flip it right side out. You should have a pocket at this point. Stuff the pillow into the pocket and hand stitch shut the final side. Add a ribbon or bow finish it off.

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