More Bridesmaid Dress Tips

Potpouri Bag: These are a great way to make use of the linings from your dress. Similar concept to the pillow case, cut two pieces of fabric to your desired size. Place them on top of each other right side in. Sew along the three side and turn it right side out. Fill the bag with some scented potpouri or salts. Tie off the top with some decorative ribbons.

Clutch: On this one I took the easy way out and used an existing clutch I found at the Salvation Army. Using the fabric from one of my dresses, I cut out a piece to cover the outside of the bag. Keep in mind when measuring out your fabric, you will need extra to allow for folds and to wrap all the way to the inside of the bag. I added 2-4 inches. Lay the fabric flat and spray it with an airasol adhesive. Carefully wrap the fabric around the outer panel of the bag and fold the excess in. On the inside of the bag, you'll want to use a strong fabric glue to secure it. Cut off any remaining fabric. If you want a really finished look, take the bag to your local shoe repair store and have them stitch along edge. This will not only secure the fabric, it will also look great. And, it will only cost a couple bucks! When all of that is done, glam it up by adding some gems.

Ornaments: These are easy and fun. Cut out a square piece of fabric. Wrap it around the ornament and tie off the top with a ribbon. Cut off any extra fabric. Then get creative and add your own special touch with bows, rhinestones, ribbons...whatever you want!

Tree Skirt: Start from the bottom of your dress and skirt and measure up to your desired length. Add on an extra 4-5 inches for your drawstring channel. Cut off the rest. Cut all the way down the center back to open it up and finish off those edges. Sew your channel shut and thread a decorative piece of cord through. Add as little or as much decorative details from there!

Picture Matte: Here's another easy one. Measure the frame your using and cut out a piece of fabric to those same measurements. Using a piece of double stick tape, secure the photo in the center. Place it in the frame and you have a fun, colorful keepsake of you and your friends and family.

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