Randy's List Item     Mon. September, 01 at 06:30 am
When Randy loses his winning lottery ticket, he assumes the event to be a message from Karma, so he starts a list of his own. Meanwhile, Joy is not happy with her cover identity of the witness protection program.

Friends with Benefits     Tue. September, 02 at 05:30 am
Earl decides to visit Joy at the new Witness Protection location to return Mr. Turtle to Darnell and he stays around to help her make new friends. Meanwhile, Randy is making a new "friend" too while Earl is gone.

My Name Is Alias     Tue. September, 02 at 06:30 am
Darnell's father Thomas comes looking for him in Camden only to raise Earl and Randy's suspicions, as it turns out that he is the reason for Darnell being in the Witness Protection Program.

Chaz Dalton's Space Academy     Wed. September, 03 at 05:30 am
Earl works on a list item that has to do with Chaz Dalton, his childhood hero. However, Chaz turns out to be somebody else. Meanwhile, Darnell tries to help Joy make friends using the internet and a site called "Buddybook".

Witch Lady     Wed. September, 03 at 06:30 am
Earl works on a list item that deals with a crazy witch lady, but his plan backfires.

Pinky     Thu. September, 04 at 05:30 am
Earl helps Randy find his first love, Pinky.

Bullies     Thu. September, 04 at 06:30 am
Earl tries to help a man he bullied in grade school, but hides his true identity because the man has become a scary bodybuilder.

Gospel     Fri. September, 05 at 05:30 am
Earl turns his karmic attentions on a reverend whom he aggrieved in the past. But forgiveness is fleeting when the religious figure finds out about Earl's many other misdeeds. Meanwhile, Joy is a blade runner: She hits Catalina with a riding mower.

Inside Probe, Part 1     Fri. September, 05 at 06:30 am
News show "Inside Probe" investigated the disappearance of the Crab Shack owner. When Darnell is finally able to sign the release papers due to no longer being in witness protection, the show airs on TV after eight years, turning several Camden residents into murder suspects.

Inside Probe, Part 2     Sat. September, 06 at 05:30 am
How did the Crab Shack's owner disappear Was it an alien abduction; a hundred-year-old feud; or could the victim's fetish videos be the answer When the truth is revealed, everyone is shocked to find that the answer has been under their noses all along.

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