Sweet Johnny     Fri. August, 22 at 06:30 am
Earl needs to make up for sleeping with local stuntman's girlfriend, while Joy gets carjacked and feels the need to buy a gun.

We've Got Spirit     Sat. August, 23 at 05:30 am
Earl makes some great personal sacrifices to help Randy realize his dream of going to cheerleading camp, and Joy is upset because her son finds Catalina sexier than her.

Quit Your Snitchin'     Mon. August, 25 at 06:30 am
Earl buys Randy a car so that he can finally have something better than what Earl has, but it is stolen before he can present it to Randy; with his criminal days behind him, Earl no longer is protected by the code that criminals don't steal from one another; and he resorts to becoming a snitch.

Little Bad Voodoo Brother     Tue. August, 26 at 05:30 am
Earl plans a Halloween party for Dodge and Earl Jr, while Catalina's nephew Oscar visits. This poses an opportunity for Randy to become the big brother he always wanted to be.

Sold a Guy a Lemon Car     Tue. August, 26 at 06:30 am
When a new neighbor moves in next door to Earl and Randy's apartment, Earl is reminded of a scam he and Joy pulled on just that guy by selling him a lemon car, so Earl wants to make up for it. Meanwhile, Joy wants to win a science fair in order to get a necklace.

Earl and Joy's Anniversary     Wed. August, 27 at 05:30 am
Earl remembers his first wedding anniversary and the events that finally lead to their break up, involving Earl's cousin Blake and an invasion of killer bees.

Nature's Game Show     Wed. August, 27 at 06:30 am
Earl loses his list when tornadoes blow through Camden County, and Catalina has a religious experience. Meanwhile, Joy is offended when Darnell tells her that he is smarter than her, so she wants to show him who is really the smart one.

Reading Is a Fundamental Case     Thu. August, 28 at 05:30 am
Earl takes a walk on the wild side when he helps an old friend who's "gone native" re-integrate into society: he discovers the feral Raynard living in the abandoned Bookmobile they stole years before, and feels it is his job to rehabilitate him.

Orphan Earl     Thu. August, 28 at 06:30 am
In this Christmas episode, Earl wants to make up for a scam he did before he found Karma, but he soon finds out that Joy is still running the scam he started.

Got the Babysitter Pregnant     Fri. August, 29 at 05:30 am
Earl tries to help his old babysitter, whom he got pregnant by poking holes in her condom, by whipping her deadbeat son into shape. However, Randy gets mad at Earl when he recognizes the similarities between the man and himself.

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