The Check List

1. Stole ten dollars from a guy at the Camden Market
2. Took money from car coin holder
3. Copped a feel off old (Miss Jones?) but I think she liked...
4. Blew Dadís chance to be elected Mayor
5. Picked my nose in public
6. Took Borrowed money from tip jar
7. I stole money from cars a lot
8. I did my best friend's girl A LOT
9. Cheated a lot on my school tests
10. Experimented with (Baking soda?)
11. Took beer glass from cafe for ... as a present for Joy
12. Made a lady think I was god
18. Told an inappropriate story at Hank Lang's birthday party
23. Peed in the back of a cop car
26. Robbed a stoner blind
27. Made fun of people with accents
29. Harassed a reporter
33. Been a lazy lover
37. Stole laptop
40. Broke Dodge and Earl Jr.'s clubhouse

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