From being in the Witness Protection Program to cleaning public bathrooms, Crabman is a man who has seen and done it all. That's why his words of wisdom should be respected. Check below for his most memorable quotes from the show.

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"I hope I scrubbed that bat disease out of that toilet. If you start seeing with your ears and whatnot...get to a doctor."
- Crabman in Number One

"Baby, I love that spray on stocking stuff. It makes your legs look hot and gets my a little high."
- Crabman in Sticks & Stones

"Worms don't fight. They're peace-loving people. They have 5 hearts."
- Crabman in BB

"Listen, Earl. Iím gonna turn around and then Iím gonna bend over and tie my shoe. You might wanna thumb through my hair while I do it."
- Crabman in BB

"Too bad it didn't thunder when you said that. That would have been cool. Like you're an evil genius or something."
- Crabman to Joy in BB

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