Peggy Made a Little Lamb     Wed. October, 01 at 07:00 am
Peggy is shocked to discover that she never graduated from high school and, needing one additional course to get her diploma, joins Kelly's home economics class.

Agony of Defeet, The     Wed. October, 01 at 07:30 am
While an ecstatic Al prepares to judge a beauty contest, Marcy awakens on the Bundy couch next to a lipstick-smeared Bud and fears the worst.

Yard Sale     Thu. October, 02 at 04:00 am
When Al discovers Peggy's passion for yard sales has gotten out of hand, he decides that the Bundys should hold one of their own.

Al ... with Kelly     Thu. October, 02 at 04:30 am
After faking colds to get out of visiting Peggy's mother, Al and Kelly rejoice at their week of freedom, but when Kelly really gets sick, Al is forced to play nursemaid.

We'll Follow the Sun     Thu. October, 02 at 05:00 am
Al's plans for a family road trip come to a screeching halt when the Bundys get caught in Labor Day traffic.

Sue Casa, His Casa     Thu. October, 02 at 05:30 am
No sooner than Al cancels his auto insurance, the kids get into an accident and Al decides to sue, so the Bundys put on their neck braces and "tell it to the judge."

Unnatural, The     Thu. October, 02 at 07:00 am
Al's pride is on the line when his softball team threatens to bench him right before the league championship.

Dance Show, The     Thu. October, 02 at 07:30 am
When an attention-starved Peg meets a charming married man, Andy, Al's in for a surprise when Andy's jealous "husband" shows up on Al's doorstep.

Kelly Bounces Back     Fri. October, 03 at 04:00 am
When Al insists that Kelly get a job, she enrolls in modeling school - at Al's expense - and sets her sights on becoming a car showroom model.

Married ... with Aliens     Fri. October, 03 at 04:30 am
When Al is visited by mysterious green creatures who creep into his bedroom and take his dirty socks, he's subjected to ridicule by his disbelieving family, but still determined to get proof of his "close encounter."

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