Old Insurance Dodge     Mon. March, 02 at 06:30 am
When Al's Dodge is stolen, he learns it is only worth $100, and he decides to add a few priceless items to the list of things missing from his trunk.

Wedding Repercussions     Mon. March, 02 at 07:00 am
When Jimmy, the Bundy's relative, learns that his new bride slept with someone the day of their wedding, his temper explodes and a guilty Bud runs for cover.

Proposition, The     Mon. March, 02 at 07:30 am
Coco, a cosmetic millionairess and former girlfriend of Al's, makes a truly indecent proposal by offering Peggy $500,000 for one night of passion with Al.

Tisket, a Tasket, Can Peg Make a Basket?, A     Mon. March, 02 at 08:00 am

Hood 'n the Boyz     Mon. March, 02 at 08:30 am

Proud to Be Your Bud?     Mon. March, 02 at 09:00 am

Luck of the Bundys     Tue. March, 03 at 06:30 am

Banking on Marcy     Tue. March, 03 at 07:00 am

No Chicken, No Check     Tue. March, 03 at 07:30 am

Take My Wife, Please     Tue. March, 03 at 08:00 am

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