Requiem for a Dead Barber     Sat. March, 28 at 06:00 am
When Al's long-time barber passes on, Al is forced to face the fact that the old-fashioned barber shop is a thing of the past and resigns himself to a future of beauty salon haircuts.

Eatin' Out     Sat. March, 28 at 06:30 am
When the Bundy's receive a modest inheritance check from Peg's deceased uncle, they decide to splurge and eat out at an elegant restaurant.

Sleepless in Chicago     Sun. March, 29 at 05:30 am

Three Job, No Income Family, A     Sun. March, 29 at 06:00 am
When Peggy gets a job selling cosmetics and brings home more money than Al, he gets a second job to regain his self-respect, but still finds himself losing the breadwinning game.

Harder They Fall, The     Sun. March, 29 at 06:30 am
After Peggy gives the highway salute to a rude driver while in the Rhoades' car, Steve is obsessed with the fear that the enraged driver - a possible ex-con - may come looking for him.

Married ... with Prom Queen: the Sequel (2)     Mon. March, 30 at 05:30 am
Peggy vigorously campaigns for the title of Reunion Queen while Al settles an old score with a former classmate at the Polk High School Reunion.

Computer Show, The     Mon. March, 30 at 06:30 am
Peggy brings the family closer to the poorhouse when she insists on buying a home computer.

Dateless Amigo, The     Mon. March, 30 at 07:00 am
When Bud finds it difficult to line up a date, he resorts to the next best thing - a mannequin -with a penchant for losing her head.

Life's a Beach     Mon. March, 30 at 07:30 am
When Al decides the Bundy clan needs to spend quality time together, they pack up the suntan oil, bug spray and portable TV and head for the beach.

Here's Lookin' at You, Kid     Tue. March, 31 at 04:30 am
When a neighborhood peeping tom has taken a peek at everyone on the block except Peggy, she tries to rectify the situation by leaving milk, cookies and a ladder.

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