Where's the Boss?     Mon. August, 29 at 06:00 am
Al can't seem to find Gary anywhere, which leads him to the conclusion that she's dead. He decides to go find another job.

Nightmare on Al's Street     Mon. August, 29 at 06:30 am
Marcy has dreams about Al while Steve is on a business trip, leading her to ask Peggy for help.

Johnny B. Gone     Mon. August, 29 at 07:00 am
Al and Peggy have tickets to attend the final night of their favorite hamburger joint. But when family problems get in the way, Al may miss out on the historical night.

Buck Can Do It     Mon. August, 29 at 07:30 am
Buck mates another dog, making the owner of the dog so angry that he sues Al.

Poppy's By the Tree (1)     Mon. August, 29 at 08:00 am
The Bundys are at a hotel in Florida, only to find that an ax murderer lives there.

Poppy's By the Tree (2)     Mon. August, 29 at 08:30 am
Peg gets kidnapped! Can Al get her back

If I Were a Rich Man     Tue. August, 30 at 05:30 am
Al and Steve find out about 1 million dollars missing from the bank and the other Bundys think they have it.

For Whom the Bell Tolls     Tue. August, 30 at 06:00 am
The phone line to the Bundys get cut off after Al refuses to pay the bill.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1)     Tue. August, 30 at 06:30 am
Marcy and Peggy go to a strip club, but Marcy ends up losing her ring in a very uncomfortable space...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (2)     Tue. August, 30 at 07:00 am
The men take action over Peg and Marcy, just to make them feel bad about what happened.

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