Camping Show (aka A Period Piece), The     Mon. February, 27 at 06:00 am
Al and Steve's much-anticipated vacation in the great outdoors is ruined by female hormones and man-eating animals.

He Thought He Could     Mon. February, 27 at 06:30 am
When Al finds a library book that is 31 years overdue, he decides to finally face the librarian who once pegged him as a deadbeat.

I'm Going to Sweatland     Mon. February, 27 at 07:00 am
Al is up to his armpits in rock 'n' roll fanatics after Peggy "sees" an image of her idol in the sweat stains on one of Al's tee-shirts.

Poke High (aka The Red Grange Story)     Mon. February, 27 at 07:30 am
While Kelly tries to score with a high school fullback, Al roots for the opposing team in hopes his old school record will remain intact.

Dump of My Own, A     Tue. February, 28 at 05:00 am
Al sets out to fulfill a lifelong dream when he begins construction on his very own bathroom, equipped with the legendary Ferguson Toilet.

Her Cups Runneth Over     Tue. February, 28 at 05:30 am
Peggy is so miserable when her favorite bra is discontinued, that Al is forced to take matters into his own hands and find a replacement.

Bald and the Beautiful, The     Tue. February, 28 at 06:00 am
When Al and Steve face up to the bald fact that they are both losing their hair, they decide to seek the counsel and encouragement of a hairless support group.

I'll See You in Court     Tue. February, 28 at 06:30 am
Peggy hopes that an overnight stay in a motel will liven up her sex life with Al only to discover that their most intimate moments have been videotaped by the management.

Gypsy Cried, The     Tue. February, 28 at 07:00 am
When a gypsy fortune teller predicts disaster for Marcy and good fortune for Al, Steve and Peggy, Marcy insists that they accompany her on a plane trip to New York, first class, of course.

Requiem for a Dead Barber     Tue. February, 28 at 07:30 am
When Al's long-time barber passes on, Al is forced to face the fact that the old-fashioned barber shop is a thing of the past and resigns himself to a future of beauty salon haircuts.

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