Torch Song Duet     Tue. October, 06 at 06:00 am
Al helps Griff win a pair of tickets to the Olympic Games.

Joke's on Al, The     Tue. October, 06 at 06:30 am
Al and Jefferson vie to claim the title of King of Practical Jokes.

Stepford Peg, The     Tue. October, 06 at 07:00 am
Peggy's amnesia allows Al to mold her into the perfect wife.

Children of the Corns     Tue. October, 06 at 07:30 am
Al and Griff try to blackmail their sweatshop-owning boss for a raise.

Twisted     Tue. October, 06 at 08:00 am
A killer storm strikes, leaving the Bundys and D'Arcys sharing a basement shelter.

Grime and Punishment     Tue. October, 06 at 08:30 am
When he starts charging Bud rent, Al is confined to the basement until he makes some much-needed repairs.

Crimes Against Obesity     Wed. October, 07 at 06:00 am
As he's trying to celebrate his birthday, Al is put on trial by a group of obese women.

Kelly's Gotta Habit     Wed. October, 07 at 06:30 am
As Kelly agrees to give up sex for a big TV commercial, Al teams with Officer Dan for an appearance on Cops.

Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)     Wed. October, 07 at 07:00 am
Al struggles to find a part for his ailing car.

Juggs Have Left the Building, The     Wed. October, 07 at 07:30 am
Peggy and Kelly team up as a singing duo for a talent contest in Branson, Missouri.

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