Sofa So Good     Wed. June, 29 at 06:00 am
Al and Peggy go away for awhile, and Kelly has her boyfriend over, who happens to ruin the couch. Bud and Kelly have to replace it before Al and Peggy come back.

How Green was My Apple     Wed. June, 29 at 06:30 am
The Bundy's and the D'Arcys go to war over a property line dispute.

Get Outta Dodge     Wed. June, 29 at 07:00 am
When Al's old Dodge approaches the one million mark, the manufacturer offers to highlight it in a commercial--in exchange for a brand new sports car.

Valentine's Day Massacre     Wed. June, 29 at 07:30 am
When Bud discovers a long-lost Valentine's card a girlfriend had sent him a year ago, he goes on a mission to find his "lost love."

Field of Screams     Wed. June, 29 at 08:00 am
Al fights to keep an auto factory from replacing his high school football field.

D'Arcy Files, The     Wed. June, 29 at 08:30 am
Jefferson reveals his past life as a spy.

Legend of Ironhead Haynes, The     Thu. June, 30 at 06:00 am
When Al's sarcasm costs him his prized parking space, he turns to a manly hero for advice.

Nooner or Nothing     Thu. June, 30 at 06:30 am
To win a contest, Peggy must persuade Al to come home from work to engage in some afternoon hanky-panky.

Kelly Knows Something     Thu. June, 30 at 07:00 am
After their television breaks down and Al finds a way to win a large sum of money to buy a replacement, he auditions to be a contestant on a new sports trivia game show. However, after he is turned down because he lacks personality, he enlists Kelly to take his place.

Assault and Batteries     Thu. June, 30 at 07:30 am
Household chores threaten Al's chance to see a favorite old movie.

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