How can I get a professional looking blow-out at home?

How can I get a professional looking blow-out at home?

Step #1: comb volumizing and/or anti-frizz product through hair

Step #2: get most of the moisture out of your hair by drying while tossing head upside down and from side to side to add volume

Step #3: using a wide tooth comb, separate a big square section of your hair and clip on top of head

Step #4: start at back of head and roll sections of hair like on a roller. hit with hot air then cold. do this on the sides and then start letting sections down and repeat all over

Step #5: use either anti frizz or hairdressing creme or lotion and blow hair straight back with a cold dryer

Step #6 (if you want extra volume): take 1 to 2 inch sections of your hair and spray roots with a root lifting product. Roll sections with big velcro rollers. Let set while doing make up and getting dressed. Take out rollers and flip head over. Lightly spray underneath and work with fingers. Flip head back up and fluff hair, another light spray and that's it!

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