The Couples Wedding Shower

Showers have really evolved from afternoon tea parties for just the bride and her girl friends, to evening events for the couple. In terms of fashion, think a dressy date night out though even more gussied up, particularly since you are the couple of the hour. With regards to the groom, it's time to ditch the myriad of jackets he has as a staple of his wardrobe and unveil his passion for the bride without the security blanket of a jacket. A darker option on top for him will be really slimming and allows for the ultimate attention to be cast on his bride so that they can seamlessly complement each other. They should feel comfortable, as a party with friends automatically implies a lesser formality, and they'll have lots of hugs and cheek kisses to exchange. On thing I remember feeling is a bride is constantly being hot and flushed, so they should be in fabrics that breathe and don't constrict. There will plenty of opportunity for those fabrics on their wedding day!!!

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