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Stan's Food Restaurant     Mon. December, 22 at 01:00 pm
Roger offers to help Stan live out his dream of opening a restaurant until their different visions for what the eatery should be causes havoc.

White Rice     Mon. December, 22 at 01:30 pm
After an argument between Stan and Francine breaks out, Stan suggests they go see a counselor, who hypnotizes Francine and reawakens her lifelong dream of being a comedian. Meanwhile, back in Langley Falls, Steve brings home a potential love interest for Klaus.

There Will Be Bad Blood     Mon. December, 22 at 02:00 pm
The Smiths prepare for the arrival of Stan's half-brother's family for Thanksgiving.

People Vs. Martin Sugar, The     Mon. December, 22 at 02:30 pm
Stan serves as jury foreman for the trial of one of Roger's personae, and he is hell-bent on making sure the jury finds him guilty.

Familyland     Mon. December, 22 at 09:00 pm
The Smith family goes to Familyland theme park for vacation. Francine wants the family to spend the day together, but the individual members go their separate ways. Francine cries in front of a statue of the park's founder, Roy Family, and awakens Roy from a deep slumber.

Cock of the Sleepwalk     Mon. December, 22 at 09:30 pm
Stan celebrates his one hundredth kill for the C.I.A and says his success as an assassin comes from him not having a conscience. The night of the celebration Stan sleepwalks and performs good deeds for his family. Upon waking up, Stan is shocked to learn that his conscience is taking control of his body.

For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls     Tue. December, 23 at 01:00 pm
Stan gives Steve a gun for Christmas, even though Francine warns him that Steve is too young. As usual, Stan ignores her, and when Steve accidentally shoots Santa, he sends the North Pole into a tizzy and jeopardizes Christmas.

Fartbreak Hotel     Tue. December, 23 at 01:30 pm
When Roger releases lethal gas into the Smith residence, the family moves into a hotel while the fumes clear. Francine finds herself with a lot of free time on her hands, and she soon finds herself working in the construction business.

Stanny-Boy and Frantastic     Tue. December, 23 at 02:00 pm
On the hunt for new friends, Stan and Francine hit it off with a younger married couple, Tom and Cami.

Pinata Named Desire, A     Wed. December, 24 at 01:00 pm
Stan takes an acting class taught by Roger after he blows an undercover assignment. Stan then uses his newfound acting skills to steal a part in a local play from Roger. Roger, down but not out, takes out the play's female lead and gets her part. Now it's opening night and Stan and Roger take to the stage to see who is the better actor. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends plan a sleepover.

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