National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole Story     Tue. June, 27 at 12:00 pm
A Langley Falls talk show outs Francine as Baby Franny, the toddler who was once rescued from a well by a heroic fireman. On the anniversary of her rescue, she falls down the well again and makes a shocking discovery. Stan and Roger have an entrepreneurial eureka moment when they think of the world's next game-changing business opportunity, male stripper shoes.

Finger Lenting Good     Tue. June, 27 at 12:30 pm
Francine asks her family to give up their vices for Lent or risk losing a finger.

Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari, The     Tue. June, 27 at 01:00 pm
Francine tries to teach Roger the value of hard work after he fakes a masters degree and buys an Oscar. Steve interviews Stan for a personal history assignment at school.

Blood Crieth Unto Heaven     Tue. June, 27 at 01:30 pm
A dark secret is revealed about the Smith family's past when Francine invites Stan's incarcerated dad, Jack, to Stan's birthday party. Also, Roger plays Edna, a maid who nurses Bullock and Hayley's love child. But when Edna falls in love with Bullock, it could mean dire consequences for the kid.

Max Jets     Wed. June, 28 at 12:00 pm
Roger announces Max Jets, a character of Roger's who enjoys showering the Smith family with money, is soon getting out of prison. But a wrench is thrown in the system when Max falls in love with Gina, a gold-digging waitress who threatens the family's inheritance.

Naked to the Limit, One More Time     Wed. June, 28 at 12:30 pm
Roger pretends to be Jeff's imaginary friend so he can freely roam naked around the house with no disguise. But when big-mouth Jeff figures out Roger is an alien, Stan issues an ultimatum, either Roger or Jeff must be killed immediately. Meanwhile, Steve becomes insecure about the shape of his rear end.

For Black Eyes Only     Wed. June, 28 at 01:00 pm
Stan's honeymoon with his wife, Sexpun Tocome, is brutally interrupted when Black Villain fatally shoots Sexpun. Determined to get his revenge, Stan teams up with former nemesis the Tearjerker to track down Black Villain and put a stop to his evil plan to melt the arctic glaciers.

Spelling Bee My Baby     Wed. June, 28 at 01:30 pm
Francine pressures Steve to win the National Spelling Bee so he can get into a top college. Stan and Roger try to slam Hayley through the five stages of grief so she will get over Jeff faster.

Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith, The     Thu. June, 29 at 01:00 pm
Stan learns that the CIA wants to wipe out Bullock's memory after he exhibits signs of dementia; Roger hires Stelio Kontos to deal with a student who's bullying Steve at school.

Lost in Space     Thu. June, 29 at 01:30 pm
In order to return to Earth, the space-bound Jeff must convince an emperor that he is in love with Hayley.

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