Men's Denim Guide

Show Some Seam
Selvedge denim has been hot for some years now, but flaunting the detail is definitely something that will be hot for fall. Rolling bottoms to show the seam has been all over the runways...and adding a stylish zipper detail is only icing on the cake.

Colored Denim
Classic indigo is what most people think of when they think of denim...but colored denim is back in a big way! Why not enjoy the comfort of denim while getting the look of dressier slacks? White or black are your safest bets.

Ripped and Repaired
Denim fanatics have often been divided into two sects: purists who appreciate denim in its most natural state and people who love distressed denim. One of the big trends for the latter is the ripped and repaired look.

Head to Toe Denim
The denim jacket has really only been used as a punch line to a joke by designers over the last decade but - news flash - the denim jacket paired with denim is probably the biggest trend right now for men.

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