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From Bed to Worse     Wed. October, 22 at 12:00 pm
After tiring of Cleveland's presence at the house, Rallo decides to drive a wedge between Cleveland and Donna by sleeping in their bed.

Cleveland Brown Christmas, A     Wed. October, 22 at 12:30 pm
Cleveland discovers that Donna has been lying to Rallo as to why Robert never shows up for Christmas...and makes it his mission to reconnect father and son.

Field of Streams     Thu. October, 23 at 12:00 pm
After raising money to rebuild the high school's sports stadium, Cleveland becomes the baseball team's coach...and attempts to convince his son to play ball.

Love Rollercoaster     Thu. October, 23 at 12:30 pm
Roberta disguises herself in a "fat suit" to prove she can get by without her good looks, only to attract Cleveland Jr's advances; Cleveland and his friends invent a moveable coaster for beers.

Our Gang     Fri. October, 24 at 12:00 pm
After taking a group of delinquent teens under his wing, Cleveland encourages the kids to start a cookie business...which the kids misinterpret as advice on dealing drugs.

Buried Pleasure     Fri. October, 24 at 12:30 pm
After he learns about Holt's sex doll, Cleveland sets up Holt with a coworker named Jane, who turns out to be a bully; Cleveland Jr. accidentally consumes Rallo's pet fish.

Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool, The     Mon. October, 27 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland Jr. takes a job at The Broken Stool, where he infuriates his father by establishing rules; Roberta competes with Lacey, a rich high school student.

Once Upon a Tyne in New York     Mon. October, 27 at 12:30 pm
Cleveland takes Donna to New York City, but ends up spending most of his time bailing out his friends when they get into trouble; Coach McFall tries to reunite with his former love, actress Tyne Daly.

Brown Knight, The     Tue. October, 28 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland is mistakenly hailed as a hero after he ends up getting shot in an armed robbery; Rallo discovers what Roberta's "that time of the month" is all about.

Gone with the Wind     Tue. October, 28 at 12:30 pm
Cleveland's flatulence interrupts a karaoke contest at the Broken Stool, embarrassing Donna no end; Cleveland and Donna have bad news for Cleveland Jr.

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