Show of Shows, The     Mon. August, 03 at 12:00 pm
After his public access television show bombs, Cleveland changes the format after studying day time talk shows with a large female demographic; Murray writes Rallo a hip hop song.

Hot Cocoa Bang Bang     Tue. August, 04 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland tries to generate interest for a comic book character at ComicCon; Donna is horrified to discover that director Robert Rodriguez is screening a Blaxploitation film she appeared in years earlier.

BFFs     Wed. August, 05 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland takes his friends on a canoeing trip, where the guys encounter a group of deviant hillbillies; Donna enters Rollo in a quiz tournament to prove he's as smart as the other kids.

Hurricane, The     Thu. August, 06 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland and his family become trapped in the house without food when a hurricane ravages Stoolbend; Cleveland Jr. announces that he does not believe in God.

Nightmare on Grace Street, A     Fri. August, 07 at 12:00 pm
On Halloween...Donna forces Cleveland and Rallo to spend a night in a spooky abandoned house; Roberta attempts to choose between a boy she thinks is a vampire and a boy she thinks is a werewolf.

Skip Day     Fri. August, 07 at 12:30 pm
Cleveland is stunned to discover that Junior is stronger than he is; Lester vows revenge after Kendra is injured in a hit-and-run accident.unaware that Rallo is to blame.

Yemen Party     Mon. August, 10 at 12:00 pm
After dressing as a Muslim woman to infiltrate Donna's women's support group, Cleveland gets a taste of his own medicine when he travels to Yemen to perform housework for a sheik; Rallo uses Junior as an avatar to confront a playground bully.

Sex and the Biddy     Tue. August, 11 at 12:00 pm
Rallo discovers that Murray's girlfriend is trying to scam Murray out of his savings; Cleveland wears a man-girdle to make it seem as if he's lost weight.

Die Semi-Hard     Wed. August, 12 at 12:00 pm
As Christmas approaches, Cleveland tells the family his version of the original "Die Hard."

Y Tu Junior Tambien     Thu. August, 13 at 12:00 pm
Junior marries a beautiful Mexican woman to prevent her deportation from the United States.

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