Escape From Goochland     Tue. September, 01 at 12:00 pm
As Halloween approaches...Cleveland and his friends attended a rival high school's football game, only to find themselves stranded in enemy territory; Donna's sexy Halloween costume gets her into trouble with the police; Roberta and Junior dress up as Cleveland and Donna.

Menace II Secret Society     Wed. September, 02 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland discovers the existence of a secret hip hop society after Kenny West refuses to share credit for a hit song they wrote together; Junior starts his own polka band.

General Thanksgiving Episode, A     Thu. September, 03 at 12:00 pm
As Thanksgiving approaches...Cleveland opens a bar at the airport; Holt and his estranged father bond when Cleveland becomes trapped on a pilotless airplane.

Turkey Pot Die     Thu. September, 03 at 12:30 pm
As Thanksgiving approaches...Cleveland takes Junior to a turkey farm to pick out holiday dinner, but Junior concocts a plot to set the birds free; Donna and Rallo set to work building a Thanksgiving parade float.

Vas Deferens Between Men and Women, A     Fri. September, 04 at 12:00 pm
Complications ensue when Donna decides she wants another child; Rallo lands the lead role in a local production of the musical "Annie."

'Tis The Cleveland To Be Sorry     Fri. September, 04 at 12:30 pm
As Christmas approaches...Cleveland pretends to be homeless after discovering that food at a local shelter is better than the meals Donna prepares.

Hustle 'N Bros     Tue. September, 08 at 12:00 pm
Cleveland is shocked when Freight Train adopts Donna's ex-husband, Robert; Junior and Rallo track down lost dogs and use the reward money to pay a debt they owe Donna.

Wide World Of The Cleveland Show, The     Wed. September, 09 at 12:00 pm
As Cleveland and his family travel the Italy, Cleveland must choose between Junior and Rallo to run "the family business;" in Mexico, Junior insists on having a Quinceanera, even though it's for girls; in Japan, Cleveland builds a robot to attend Junior's eating competition.

Here Comes The Bribe     Thu. September, 10 at 12:00 pm
A marriage counselor tells Cleveland he can skew counseling sessions with Donna in his favor, provided he receives compensation; Junior's favorite refrigerator breaks.

When a Man (Or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie     Fri. September, 11 at 12:00 pm
When Freight Train misses their anniversary, Cookie runs off with musician George Clinton; Junior's visit to an office supply store triggers an elaborate fantasy.

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