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About King of the Nerds

About the show

Hosted by two of the stars of the movie blockbuster Revenge of the Nerds, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, King of the Nerds invites competitors to face challenges that test their intellect, ingenuity, skills and pop-culture prowess. The nerds compete as teams before moving on to individual challenges, all with the goal of being named the quintessential master of all things nerdy.

Season 2 competitors look to inherit the crown from Celeste Anderson, a professional gamer from Orillia, Ontario, who specializes in first-person shooters and speed-cubing. The show will bring back some elements from Season 1, adding new twists, in addition to more exciting and nerdy challenges that include Robot Dodgeball, Nerdiocart and a Science Fair. The competitors also will live in a bigger, better, nerdier Nerdvana.

The eleven competitors who will partake in this ultimate nerd-off are:

  • Brian, 27 – Urbana, Ill.– Library science scholar who enjoys German-style board games and discussing 18th-century European history. At one time, he had 100 books checked out from the Yale library.

  • Chris, 27 – Waco, Texas – Structural engineer who loves to travel and aspires to work in the space exploration industry.

  • Jack, 24 – Urbana, Ill. – Bioengineering student and fencing and chess champion who enjoys watching anime in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

  • Josh, 23 – Grayslake, Ill. – Game vlogger (with nearly 700,000 subscribers), nerdcore rapper and world competitor in card games.

  • Katie, 24 – Pittsburgh, Penn. – Roboticist and puppeteer whose work has appeared on Broadway and who formerly performed in ballet companies.

  • Kayla, 28 – Greenacres, Wash. – An ice hockey player who also holds a master’s degree in space studies and believes she will one day reach Mars.

  • Kelsey, 23 – Canton, Ga. – Quad-lingual Japanophile who is equally as interested in playing video game music on the piano as she is keeping up with fantasy/sci-fi novels and swing dancing.

  • Mary Kate, 23 – Starkville, Miss. – Aerospace engineering student and avid costumer.

  • Nicole, 28 – Milwaukee, Wisc. – Chemist, gamer and former marching band member who currently competes in a Milwaukee roller derby league.

  • Xander, 27 – Los Angeles, Calif. – Vlogger, graphic designer and LARP enthusiast who lost 100 pounds by playing a popular dance video game.

  • Zachary, 21 – Minneapolis, Minn. – Novelist, hardcore gamer and toy merchandiser who has also memorized more than 300 hours of musical lyrics in genres ranging from J-pop to rock.