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No Roll     Sat. December, 20 at 06:00 pm
Ray brings home an adult board game in an attempt to spice things up with Debra.

Odd Man Out     Sat. December, 20 at 06:30 pm
Frank is jealous when Marie spends time with Marco.

Ray's Ring     Sat. December, 20 at 07:00 pm
Ray loses his wedding ring during a business trip.

Marie's Sculpture     Sat. December, 20 at 07:30 pm
Marie's abstract sculpture horrifies Ray and Debra.

Jealous Robert     Mon. December, 22 at 08:00 am
Debra and Marie set up Robert's ex-girlfriend, hoping to stoke jealousy.

Frank Goes Downstairs     Tue. December, 23 at 08:00 am
Ray and Debra lie to Frank about the source of injuries they incurred during romance.

It's Supposed fo Be Fun     Tue. December, 23 at 08:30 am
Ray has trouble accepting that his son is a terrible athlete.

Older Women     Wed. December, 24 at 08:00 am
Debra's father brings an older woman to Thanksgiving dinner.

Raybert     Fri. December, 26 at 08:00 am
Robert dates a woman who thinks he is Raymond.

Kicker, The     Fri. December, 26 at 08:30 am
Frank catches a record-setting football at a college game and refuses to return it to the kicker.

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