Left Back     Sat. August, 19 at 06:00 am
Ray discovers he was held back a year of pre-kindergarten. Frank tries to get Michael advanced in school.

Alone Time     Sun. August, 20 at 05:15 am
Ray is worried when Debra asks him to take the kids out more so she can have time to herself.

Someone's Cranky     Sun. August, 20 at 05:45 am
Debra searches for the cause of Robert's mean-spirited behavior.

Bully on the Bus     Sat. August, 26 at 06:30 am
Ray and Debra learn Ally has been bullying another child on the bus.

Prodigal Son     Sat. August, 26 at 07:00 am
Ray gets criticism for not regularly attending Sunday Mass.

Tenth Anniversary, The     Sun. August, 27 at 06:00 am
Debra discovers Ray taped over their wedding with the 1991 Super Bowl.

Hackidu     Sun. August, 27 at 06:30 am
Ray pays a high price for a Hackidu card when the owner of a comic-book store gives him a hard time.

Be Nice     Sat. September, 02 at 06:00 am
Ray and Debra try to be nicer to each other; Ray meets Doug at Dr. Becker's office.

Working Girl     Sat. September, 02 at 06:30 am
Ray is angry when Debra gets a part-time job.

Sister, The     Sun. September, 03 at 05:00 am
Debra is upset when her sister, Jennifer, decides to become a nun.

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