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Ingrate, The     Sat. July, 26 at 06:00 pm
Debra is hurt when Ray receives an honorary doctorate and thanks everyone except her in his acceptance speech. He claims it was accidental, but Debra is quick to remind him of past snubs that were all too deliberate.

Crazy Chin     Sat. July, 26 at 06:30 pm
Amy's parents put Robert on the defensive when they point out his strange habit of touching food to his chin before he eats it.

Nice Talk, The     Sat. July, 26 at 07:00 pm
When the MacDougals are invited to spend Easter with the Barones, the families attempt to bond over a 500-piece puzzle.

Blabbermouths     Sat. July, 26 at 07:30 pm
When Robert informs Ray that Amy filled him in on some juicy gossip about him, Ray decides to get even with Debra by sharing some nasty secrets of his own.

Model, The     Sat. August, 02 at 06:00 pm
After a modeling agent tells Robert he has a unique look, he convinces him to pose for head shots with their "in-house" photographer. But when Robert and Ray return for the pictures, they are surprised to find the modeling agency has mysteriously disappeared.

Mentor, The     Sat. August, 02 at 06:30 pm
A young man, Sam Gilula, explains Frank has been a mentor to him, much to Ray and Robert's disbelief.

Golf For It     Sat. August, 02 at 07:00 pm
Robert and Ray end up with the mother of all guilt trips when they decide not to help Marie with a home project so they can land a prime spot on the golf course.

Home, The     Sat. August, 02 at 07:30 pm
Frank and Marie return from a trip down to a retirement home in New Jersey and they tell the family that they plan on moving there. On they day of their moving, however, Debra reveals some mixed feelings about their moving.

Not So Fast     Sat. August, 09 at 06:00 pm
When Ray and Debra visit Fank and Marie's condo, they learn that the owners are going to kick them out. Marie and Frank move out. Robert and Amy are upset, but they let Frank and Marie live with them.

Angry Sex     Sat. August, 09 at 06:30 pm
Ray worries that Debra's fight with Marie could put a stop to his plans.

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