Pet the Bunny     Sat. January, 07 at 05:00 am
Raymond writes a sample eulogy for Frank that ends up in the wrong hands.

Who Am I?     Sat. January, 07 at 05:30 am
Ray believes he is having an identity crisis.

Robert Needs Money     Sun. January, 08 at 05:30 am
Ray and Debra loan $1,000 to pressed Robert, then are surprised when he uses it to go to Las Vegas.

Sigh, The     Mon. January, 09 at 05:00 am
Ray gives Debra exclusive use of their bathroom.

Annoying Kid, The     Mon. January, 09 at 05:30 am
Raymond encounters problems with the young son of a befriended couple.

She's the One     Sat. January, 14 at 05:00 am
Robert fears his family will ruin his developing relationship with ``the perfect woman.''

Marie's Vision     Sat. January, 14 at 05:30 am
The men are afraid to spoil Thanksgiving Day dinner by telling Marie she needs eyeglasses.

Thought That Counts, The     Sun. January, 15 at 05:00 am
Debra wonders why Ray does not put the same effort into finding thoughtful gifts for her as he does for Marie.

Grandpa Steals     Sun. January, 15 at 05:30 am
Ally catches her grandfather stealing at the supermarket.

Somebody Hates Raymond     Mon. January, 16 at 05:00 am
Raymond learns that a local sports radio broadcaster dislikes him after Ray offers to be on his show.

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