Checkbook, The     Sat. June, 24 at 05:30 am
Ray takes over the family finances.

Ride Along, The     Sat. June, 24 at 06:00 am
Boredom turns to terror when Ray rides on patrol with Robert.

Family Bed, The     Sat. June, 24 at 06:30 am
Ally's nightmares keep everybody awake.

Good Girls     Sat. June, 24 at 07:00 am
Marie prefers Robert's girlfriend to Debra.

T-Ball     Sun. June, 25 at 06:00 am
Debra fights with a T-ball parent about unhealthy snacks.

Traffic School     Sun. June, 25 at 06:30 am
Robert uses a ventriloquist's dummy to enliven his traffic-school classes.

Six Feet Under     Mon. June, 26 at 04:00 am
Ray has a midlife crisis. Frank sells Marie's burial plot for a profit.

Garage Sale, The     Mon. June, 26 at 04:30 am
Ray is surprised to learn that Debra doesn't want more children.

Wedding Part 1, The     Mon. June, 26 at 05:00 am
Ray recalls his wedding day.

Wedding Part 2, The     Mon. June, 26 at 05:30 am
Ray recalls proposing to Debra and the elaborate plans for their wedding.

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