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Golf For It     Sat. January, 31 at 08:00 am
Robert and Ray end up with the mother of all guilt trips when they decide not to help Marie with a home project so they can land a prime spot on the golf course.

Home, The     Sat. January, 31 at 08:30 am
Frank and Marie return from a trip down to a retirement home in New Jersey and they tell the family that they plan on moving there. On they day of their moving, however, Debra reveals some mixed feelings about their moving.

Not So Fast     Sat. January, 31 at 06:00 pm
When Ray and Debra visit Fank and Marie's condo, they learn that the owners are going to kick them out. Marie and Frank move out. Robert and Amy are upset, but they let Frank and Marie live with them.

Angry Sex     Sat. January, 31 at 06:30 pm
Ray worries that Debra's fight with Marie could put a stop to his plans.

P.T. & A     Sat. January, 31 at 07:00 pm
After being chided for wearing a shoddy shirt and getting stains on it, Ray lies and tells Debra that members of the PTA called her outfit "trampy." This leads her to dress extra-trampy on purpose at a PTA meeting in their home, where the truth finally comes out.

Ally's F     Sat. January, 31 at 07:30 pm
Ally comes home with an F in math on her report card, and her parents are shocked.

Date for Peter, A     Sat. February, 07 at 06:00 pm
Amy's parents (Fred Willard and Georgia Engel) ask Ray to give Peter (Chris Elliott) dating advice.

Favors     Sat. February, 07 at 06:30 pm
Debra complains to Raymond about leaving things around the house. Later on, Raymond receives a personal letter from his idol, Muhammad Ali, he remembers what Debra told him, so he puts it away in a drawer. Unfortunately, Debra so put off by how much 'junk' is in the drawer dumps most of its contents into the trash.

Faux Pas, The     Sat. February, 07 at 07:00 pm
Ray is surprised when his family members are upset about a comment he made to one of the children's friends when he was just trying to be funny.

Tasteless Frank     Sat. February, 07 at 07:30 pm
Marie is astounded when Franks puts salt on her homemade lasagna, leading her to believe that she's lost her tough in the kitchen.

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