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No Fat     Sat. August, 15 at 06:00 pm
Marie cooks a healthy Thanksgiving dinner for the family.

Apartment, The     Sat. August, 15 at 06:30 pm
Ray notices Robert's new neighbors are all sexy women.

Toaster, The     Sun. August, 16 at 04:00 pm
Frank and Marie trade Ray's Christmas gift for a coffee maker.

Pants on Fire     Sun. August, 16 at 04:30 pm
Marie discovers Ray threw a wild party as a teenager.

Ping Pong     Sat. August, 22 at 06:00 pm
Ray challenges Frank to pingpong.

Robert's Date     Sat. August, 22 at 06:30 pm
Robert changes his demeanor around new friends.

Frank's Tribute     Sat. August, 22 at 07:00 pm
Frank wins ``Man of the Year.''

Cruising with Marie     Sat. August, 22 at 07:30 pm
Ray goes on a Caribbean cruise with Marie after Frank hurts his knee.

Ray Home Alone     Sat. August, 29 at 06:00 pm
Ray spends time with his friend (Kevin James) while the family is away.

Big Shots     Sat. August, 29 at 06:30 pm
Ray and Robert meet members of the 1969 New York Mets.

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