Brian Does Hollywood     Mon. October, 03 at 05:00 pm
Brian's first job in Hollywood is directing a pornographic film.

Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington     Mon. October, 03 at 05:30 pm
The tobacco industry sends Peter to Washington to present a speech about smoking.

Pilling Them Softly     Mon. November, 07 at 07:00 pm
After Quagmire shows off his cooking skills to the gang, Lois suggests that he audtion for Channel 5Æs new cooking show.

Papa Has a Rollin' Son     Mon. November, 07 at 07:30 pm
ItÆs nearly FathersÆ Day, and when Peter learns about JoeÆs distant relationship with his father Bud, he invites Bud to town.

Hot Pocket-Dial     Mon. November, 14 at 07:00 pm
Peter takes his family to a fancy restaurant and falls in love with his toothpick. When Peter accidentally swallows it, he goes back to the restaurant to get another one.

Brokeback Swanson     Mon. November, 14 at 07:30 pm
Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire are super excited about going to the Seriously Wicked Bull Run, but they're worried that Joe would be dead weight.

App a Day, An     Mon. November, 21 at 07:00 pm
After Peter damages his phone in the shower playing with apps, he gives it to Chris. Chris uses his new phone to send a not-safe-for-school picture to his crush Marcy.

Underage Peter     Mon. November, 21 at 07:30 pm
A drunk Peter drinks water from a fire hydrant; but when the water overflows, Peter ends up destroying the public library. As a result of Peter's drunken hijinks, Major Adam West raises the legal drinking age to fifty.

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