Peternormal Activity     Mon. June, 05 at 06:00 pm
After watching a bad sequel to their favorite horror film, Maniac Pope, Peter and the guys decide they could write a better scary movie themselves.

Hot Pocket-Dial     Mon. June, 05 at 07:30 pm
Peter takes his family to a fancy restaurant and falls in love with his toothpick. When Peter accidentally swallows it, he goes back to the restaurant to get another one.

App a Day, An     Mon. June, 12 at 06:00 pm
After Peter damages his phone in the shower playing with apps, he gives it to Chris. Chris uses his new phone to send a not-safe-for-school picture to his crush Marcy.

Lot Going on Upstairs, A     Mon. June, 12 at 07:00 pm
After hearing that Stewie has been having nightmares, Brian decides to help. He tries to cure Stewie by making a list of Stewie's fears and using exposure therapy to deal with them.

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