Friends (CC)(SAP)

Matt LeBlanc

What do Matt LeBlanc and Jack Lemmon have in common? No, Jack was never one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. They were both born in Newton, Mass. Matt left Newton to be a stuggling actor in New York, where he quickly landed commercial work for Doritos and Levi's before moving on to guest spots on TV series and stage work. Matt appeared in three short-lived sitcoms before hitting it big with "Friends."

As Joey Tribbiani, Matt's created an endearing character whose enthusiasm for the minute things in life (like Monica's jam, his pet duck, free porn) provides comic foil for the serious Chandler Bing (his roommate for years). Entertainment Weekly has described Matt LeBlanc as "a rarity, a hunk with a gift for deadpan comedy."

Matt's film work includes Lost in Space, Ed, Charlie's Angels and the sequel to Charlie's Angels. He lives in the LA area and his birthday is July 25th.

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