Limo, The     Wed. May, 24 at 06:00 pm
Jerry and George commandeer a limousine headed for a neo-Nazi rally.

Good Samaritan, The     Wed. May, 24 at 06:30 pm
Jerry tracks down a hit-and-run driver, then wants to date her; guest Helen Slater.

Letter, The     Wed. May, 24 at 07:00 pm
Jerry's new girlfriend is a plagiarist.

Parking Space, The     Wed. May, 24 at 07:30 pm
Jerry's car clanks after Elaine and George borrow it.

Mango, The     Thu. May, 25 at 06:00 pm
Jerry learns Elaine pretended to enjoy their intimacy; Kramer is banned from a fruit store.

Glasses, The     Thu. May, 25 at 06:30 pm
George buys effeminate glasses; dog-bite victim Elaine thinks she has rabies.

Puffy Shirt, The     Thu. May, 25 at 07:00 pm
Jerry appears on ``Today'' wearing a silly shirt; guests Bryant Gumbel, Jerry Stiller.

Sniffing Accountant, The     Thu. May, 25 at 07:30 pm
Jerry, Kramer and Newman investigate their accountant's unexplained sniffle.

Bris, The     Thu. May, 25 at 08:00 pm
A religious ceremony makes Jerry and Elaine apprehensive about being godparents.

Lip Reader, The     Thu. May, 25 at 08:30 pm
George enlists a lip-reader (Marlee Matlin) to learn why his girlfriend dumped him.

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