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One Without the Ski Trip, The     Mon. December, 22 at 04:00 pm
Ross and Rachel remain apart while their friends feel forced to choose between them.

One With the Hypnosis Tape, The     Mon. December, 22 at 04:30 pm
Phoebe is distraught when her brother wants to marry a woman twice his age. While working as a waitress, Monica gets a tip from an admirer worth a small fortune. A hypnosis tape makes Chandler act like a woman.

One With the Tiny T-Shirt, The     Mon. December, 22 at 05:00 pm
Ross is upset when Rachel returns his personal belongings and dates Mark. Monica dates a millionaire.

One With Joey's Big Break, The     Mon. December, 22 at 05:30 pm
Joey's first major film role leads to an unexpected experience in Las Vegas. Phoebe can't remember why she hates Ross.

One With the Dollhouse, The     Tue. December, 23 at 04:00 pm
Joey thinks he's found his true love. Rachel's boss (ALISON LaPLACA) dates Chandler, creating big trouble for Rachel. Monica inherits a dollhouse.

One With a Chick and a Duck, The     Tue. December, 23 at 04:30 pm
When Pete buys a restaurant, Monica must make a difficult decision. Ross makes a sacrifice for Rachel. Joey buys Chandler an unusual pet.

One With the Screamer, The     Tue. December, 23 at 05:00 pm
Ross tries to convince Rachel that her date (BEN STILLER) is psychotic. Joey's play gets terrible reviews.

One With Ross's Thing, The     Tue. December, 23 at 05:30 pm
Ross finds a strange growth on his buttocks. Phoebe can't choose between two guys. Monica's boyfriend surprises her.

One Where Rachel Quits, The     Wed. December, 24 at 04:00 pm
Rachel wonders if she'll ever get another job after she quits Central Perk. Joey's new job selling Christmas trees upsets Phoebe. Ross breaks a little girl's leg. Comedian SHELLEY BERMAN guest stars.

One With the Routine, The     Wed. December, 24 at 04:30 pm
Joey plots the perfect opportunity to kiss Janine (ELLE MACPHERSON). Ross and Monica resurrect their dorky high school dance routine for a television special.

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