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One With Ross's New Girlfriend, The     Sat. September, 20 at 03:00 pm
Rachel gets an unpleasant surprise when Ross returns home. Phoebe has varied success cutting the friends' hair.

One With Ross's Thing, The     Sat. September, 20 at 03:30 pm
Ross finds a strange growth on his buttocks. Phoebe can't choose between two guys. Monica's boyfriend surprises her.

One Where Ross Can't Flirt, The     Sat. September, 20 at 04:00 pm
Ross' flirting technique fails to impress a cute pizza-delivery woman. A surprise awaits Joey when he tells everyone about his big television appearance.

One Where Ross Hugs Rachel, The     Sat. September, 20 at 04:30 pm
Monica is bewildered by Rachel's reaction to a change in their living arrangement. Phoebe tries to make Ross confront his feelings for Rachel.

One With Ross's Teeth, The     Sat. September, 20 at 05:00 pm
The guys explore their femininity. Phoebe causes trouble when she kisses someone at Rachel's work.

One With Ross's Library Book, The     Sat. September, 20 at 05:30 pm
Chandler's former girlfriend (MAGGIE WHEELER) manipulates Chandler and Monica. Rachel and Phoebe meddle in Joey's relationship. KRISTIN DAVIS also guest stars.

One With the Proposal (Part 1), The     Sun. September, 21 at 06:00 am
Chandler plans to propose to Monica.

One With the Proposal (Part 2), The     Sun. September, 21 at 06:30 am
Monica asks Chandler to be her husband.

One With Rachel's Phone Number, The     Sun. September, 21 at 05:00 pm
Rachel impulsively gives her telephone number to a handsome guy but worries he will call when Ross is there.

One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work, The     Sun. September, 21 at 05:30 pm
Rachel crosses swords with her temporary replacement (Dermot Mulroney) at the shop; Phoebe wreaks havoc on the set of Joey's soap opera.

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