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One With Ross's Tan, The     Wed. July, 08 at 03:00 pm
Rachel and Joey nervously anticipate their first real date; Monica and Phoebe try to avoid an obnoxious friend (Jennifer Coolidge) with a fake British accent; Ross emerges from a tanning booth with a two-toned appearance.

One With the Cake, The     Wed. July, 08 at 03:30 pm
An X-rated cake is delivered to Emma's first birthday party.

One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits, The     Wed. July, 08 at 04:00 pm
Rachel convinces her sister (Christina Applegate) to baby-sit over Ross' protests; Joey writes a letter to an adoption agency on Monica and Chandler's behalf.

One With Ross's Grant, The     Wed. July, 08 at 04:30 pm
When Ross interviews with Charlie's ex-boyfriend (Greg Kinnear) for a prized grant, the doctor makes a shocking stipulation; Chandler lies about watching Joey's bizarre audition tape.

One With the Home Study, The     Thu. July, 09 at 03:00 pm
Monica and Chandler fuss over their apartment as they expect a visit from the adoption worker (Maria Pitillo); Phoebe and Mike opt for a small wedding and donate the extra money to a children's charity.

One With the Birth Mother, The     Thu. July, 09 at 03:30 pm
A prospective birth mother (Anna Faris) labors under a misconception about Monica and Chandler's respective occupations.

One Where Chandler Gets Caught, The     Thu. July, 09 at 04:00 pm
Rachel and Phoebe spot Chandler getting into a vehicle with a mysterious blond woman.

One Where the Stripper Cries, The     Thu. July, 09 at 04:30 pm
Joey appears as a celebrity contestant on ``$100,000 Pyramid''; Monica and Rachel hire an ungainly stripper (Danny DeVito) for Phoebe's bachelorette party.

One With the Hypnosis Tape, The     Fri. July, 10 at 03:00 pm
Phoebe is distraught when her brother wants to marry a woman twice his age. While working as a waitress, Monica gets a tip from an admirer worth a small fortune. A hypnosis tape makes Chandler act like a woman.

One With the Tiny T-Shirt, The     Fri. July, 10 at 03:30 pm
Ross is upset when Rachel returns his personal belongings and dates Mark. Monica dates a millionaire.

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