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One With The Joke, The     Sat. May, 30 at 04:00 pm
Ross and Chandler bicker over which of them created a raunchy joke. Phoebe antagonizes Monica and Rachel with her candor. Joey reluctantly takes a waiter job at Central Perk.

One With Rachel's Sister (Part 1), The     Sat. May, 30 at 04:30 pm
Rachel tries to help her pampered younger sister, Jill (REESE WITHERSPOON), find independence, but Jill flirting with Ross is not part of the plan. Monica won't admit that she is sick.

One That Could Have Been (Part 1), The     Sat. May, 30 at 05:00 pm
The friends ponder what might have come to pass if each had taken a different path in life.

One That Could Have Been (Part 2), The     Sat. May, 30 at 05:30 pm
In the speculative fantasy, Ross initiates romantic advances with his wife Carol (JANE SIBBETT); Chandler and Monica help each other overcome loneliness; Rachel learns the truth about her husband; and Phoebe sneaks out of the hospital.

One Where Chandler Can't Cry (Part 2), The     Sun. May, 31 at 08:00 am
Rachel's sister Jill (REESE WITHERSPOON) wants Ross, but not for the reasons he thinks. Chandler astounds the others with his inability to express emotions. Is Phoebe starring in pornography LISA KUDROW plays a dual role.

One With Unagi, The     Sun. May, 31 at 08:30 am
Chandler gets into trouble with his homemade gift for Monica. Ross tries to teach martial arts to Rachel and Phoebe. Joey hires a look-alike.

One Where Ross Dates a Student, The     Sun. May, 31 at 09:00 am
When a fire damages their apartment, Rachel and Phoebe must choose between living temporarily with Joey or Monica. Ross gets into trouble where he teaches.

One With Joey's Fridge, The     Sun. May, 31 at 09:30 am
Ross worries when his student/girlfriend goes on vacation with her wild friends. Meanwhile, Joey's refrigerator breaks down.

One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E., The     Mon. June, 01 at 04:00 pm
In this episode, primarily composed of clips from earlier shows, Joey auditions for a major television role. But Chandler almost ruins everything.

One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad, The     Mon. June, 01 at 04:30 pm
Ross is nervous about meeting Paul (BRUCE WILLIS), Elizabeth's (ALEXANDRA HOLDEN) dad, and invites the gang to the coffeehouse for moral support.

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