Find your Prince Charming

We're helping a school teacher find a new approach to dating, in the hopes that she can find her own Prince Charming.

Expert - Richie Arpino
Expert - Jordan Feldman
Expert - Samantha Daniels
Expert - Kim Lichtenstein
Expert - Kristine Kern
Tip - Hair by Richie
Tip - Samantha on Dating
Tip - Kristine on Online Dating
Tip - Kim on Social Functions
Tip - Tango Online Dating Survey

This week, we're not only making over a person, we're making over the way she looks at dating. We're helping an elementary school teacher find a new approach to finding her prince charming. Aided by a handful of experts, we'll cover all subjects--from fashion and first impressions to the many ways to meet that special guy. We'll also give our recipient and our audience at home the inspiration and confidence to get out there and meet the right person.

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