Ten Signs Your Job Isn't Working Out

Ten Signs Your Job Isn't Working Out

Feeling like your time is almost up? Wondering if you should be polishing up your resume before you lose access to your company computer? Here are a few ways to tell if you're on your way out of your current job.

  1. They've cut the power to your cube...and only your cube.

  2. Employees at the water cooler quickly disperse when you walk towards them, some of them whimpering.

  3. Your boss points at you and says to the guy next to him, "That's the person whose job you'll be taking."

  4. Every day, while you're on your lunch break, your boss logs onto your computer and reads your email.

  5. Your desk has been moved from the cube farm to the boiler room.

  6. Other employees keep wishing you good luck with the Afghanistan office.

  7. After years of working at the same company, your boss still insists on calling you Jimbo...and your name is Michelle.

  8. Your boss keeps handing your intern major assignments instead of giving them to you.

  9. Your co-workers repeatedly leave you with the bill at office lunch outings.

  10. You find out you're the star of several of HR's "What Not to Do" videos.

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