Season 3: Episode 62: The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner

Phoebe's former songwriting partner performs at Central Perk. She wants to re-unite with Phoebe but she wants none of it. Phoebe's still hurt that her partner left to write commercial jingles. They work out their differences and reunite. The relationship doesn't last long when a kitty litter company uses "Smelly Cat" as a commercial jingle. Chandler dates a woman he met at Central Perk. It turns out that Joey dated the same woman years ago. Joey has not been able to face her since their split because she had a wooden leg and, when the two were staying at a cabin, mistakenly threw the wooden leg into the fire. Chandler is first freaked out by this but decides that her wooden leg isn't all that creepy. He tells her that he knows of the artificial limb and is fine with it. He then makes a confession of his own: he has a third nipple. She's totally grossed out by this and dumps Chandler. Ross becomes more insecure about Mark's relationship with Rachel.

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