Season 4: Episode 83: The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

Monica hires Joey to work for her at the restaurant so that she can fire him and show everyone who's boss. When Joey decides he likes the tips, he screws up Monica's plan. When he witnesses the other waiters ganging up on Monica, Joey jumps into action and gets himself fired, all the while gaining respect for Monica. Meanwhile, Rachel asks Chandler to set her up with someone from work. When Chandler's co-workers discover that Rachel isn't looking for a commitment and she's hot, everyone begs for her number. Phoebe racks her brain trying to write a song for her friends as a Christmas/Hanukah gift. Ross dates a girl from Poughkeepsie, but decides that the distance is a problem. When he takes the train to break up with her, he falls asleep and wakes up in Montreal ... with a girl from Nova Scotia.

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