Season 5: Episode 117: The One With The Ride-Along

The guys ride along with Gary when he's patrolling, and find themselves in a desperate situation. While staking out a suspect, they hear a shot, and Joey dives in front of Ross. Chandler is hurt that Joey chose to save Ross rather than him, his own roommate. The guys relay the story back at the coffee house, where it turns out they didn't hear a gun shot, but instead a car backfiring. But Ross is convinced he narrowly escaped death, and that Joey risked his own life. Back at their apartment, Chandler confronts Joey, demanding to know why he chose to dive in front of Ross. Joey reluctantly admits that he wasn't trying to save Ross, he dove to save his sandwich, which was next to Ross. To show Chandler how much he means to him, Joey allows him one bite of his sandwich, and all is well. Meanwhile, Rachel and Monica go to Ross's apartment to retrieve their blender, but while there, hear Emily leaving a message on his answering machine. She's supposed to be getting married the next day but is having doubts, and is wondering if she and Ross gave up on their relationship too quickly. The girls accidentally erase the message, so Rachel decides she has to tell Ross about Emily's call.

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