Season 2: Episode 17: The Busboy

After making an innocent remark in a restaurant, George inadvertently costs Antonio, a busboy, his job. Worried that he may try and seek revenge, George goes to apologize but accidentally ends up losing Antonio's cat too. Meanwhile, Elaine dreads having to entertain Eddie, an out of town visitor coming to spend the week at her apartment.

After apologizing to Antonio about the cat, George offers to help in any way he can. Elaine admits to hating Eddie and cannot wait to get him on his way back to Seattle. However, when her new alarm clock fails to go off, Elaine is pressed to get him to the airport on time.

Although giving it her best shot, Elaine fails to get Eddie on his plane and is stuck with him for another day. Antonio returns to tell George that the restaurant exploded, killing his replacement and, while looking for his cat, he found a new job that pays twice as much as the old one. After thanking George for saving his life, Antonio ends up colliding with Eddie in the hallway and, falling down the stairs, is too injured to start work. Much to Elaine's dismay, Eddie's injuries force him to stay in New York with her until he recovers.

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