Season 3: Episode 36: The Limo

While on his way to pick up Jerry, George's car breaks down, leaving them stranded at the airport. When Jerry points out a limousine driver waiting for passenger O'Brien, who he knows is still in Chicago, George suggests that the two masquerade as Mr. O'Brien and his friend to get a ride into town. Told that the real O'Brien was in a hurry to get to Madison Square Garden, George then assumes he was on his way to a basketball game and invites Elaine and Kramer to come along.

After calling their friends and arranging to meet on their way to the game, Jerry and George are surprised when their driver picks up two more passengers. Though worried they are about to be caught in their ruse, when they discover that Tim and Eva have never met O'Brien, Jerry and George continue their masquerade. However, before long, George learns that he is pretending to be the elusive leader of the neo-Nazi Aryan Alliance on his way to New York to give a controversial speech.

With a group of angry protesters awaiting the arrival of O'Brien, Kramer learns about the speech which leads him to conclude that Jerry must secretly be the leader of the Nazi group. When they arrive to pick up their friends, Kramer accidentally blows their cover with Tim and Eva while also tipping off the angry crowd to their presence. Finally, after George and Jerry tell the truth to their angry escorts, the mob converges on the car as George tries desperately to convince them that he is not O'Brien.

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