Season 4: Episode 41: The Trip, Part I

While Jerry is asking George to join him on a trip to California to appear on "The Tonight Show," Kramer is still trying to get his show business career off the ground after his "Murphy Brown" appearance, living in a Hollywood boarding house as he tries to sell his treatment for a film. After an embarrassing incident with airport security, Jerry and George finally board their flight to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, at a casting call in which he fails to get a part, Kramer meets a struggling young actress named Chelsea.

Discussing his career plans over coffee with Chelsea, Kramer spots actor Fred Savage and nervously approaches with his treatment. Meanwhile, at their hotel in Los Angeles, Jerry is upset to find that the maid accidentally threw out a scrap of paper on which he had written down some new jokes. At "The Tonight Show" taping, while Jerry takes care of some business, George accosts actor Corbin Bernsen with an idea he has for "L.A. Law", and then lectures "Cheers" star George Wendt about changes he would make in the show.

After the police find Chelsea murdered, a fragment of his treatment found with the body makes Kramer a suspect in the case. As the police pursue Kramer, Jerry is shocked when both Corbin Bernsen and George Wendt discuss their hallway encounters with George on "The Tonight Show." Finally, as Jerry is blaming the maid for ruining his monologue, he and George are surprised by a television newscast identifying Kramer as the "Smog Strangler."

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