Season 5: Episode 74: The Cigar Store Indian

When Jerry accidentally stains the Costanza's coffee table, George insists it be taken to be refinished before his parents return from their trip. So, taking the subway home with an old TV Guide to read, after Kramer is left behind while stopping to pick up a quick snack, Elaine is forced to make the trip with Ricky, an annoying passenger with a passion for television. Meanwhile, as Jerry is buying Elaine a gift to make up for leaving her without a ride, George is impressing Sylvia, a woman who works at Gepetto's Furniture Store. But, upon arriving at Elaine's with a cigar store indian and hoping that his generosity will not go unnoticed by her friend, Jerry is told that Winona took offense at the gift because she is a Native American.

Inviting Sylvia home, George conceals the fact that he is really living with his parents, while Jerry finds Winona to apologize and Kramer is given the indian by an embarrassed Elaine. But, when Frank notices that one of his TV Guide collection is missing and Estelle finds a condom wrapper in their bed, George is forced to admit having sex with Sylvia and is grounded by his parents, while Jerry promises that Elaine will return the missing magazine. Then, at a dinner with Winona where he takes special care in what he says, Jerry notices she has a copy and asks to have her TV Guide, while Kramer learns that Elaine failed to tell her boss about his idea for a coffee table book about coffee tables.

Using the address on the magazine's mailing label, Ricky arrives at the Costanza's looking for Elaine. However, when Frank discovers he used his TV Guide to make a bouquet for her, he nearly loses control until learning Ricky has a similar obsession with television and the magazine. But, when Elaine arrives with the replacement issue and is berated by Frank for soiling it, Ricky jumps to her defense and accidentally chips the coffee table. Meanwhile, as Jerry learns that Winona needs her TV Guide back, Kramer gets an audience with Elaine's boss after selling him the cigar store indian. Finally, Elaine is assigned to Kramer's project, while Estelle takes the chipped table to Gepetto's and Sylvia learns the truth about George.

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