Season 5: Episode 78: The Marine Biologist

After reading their college alumni magazine's update on Jerry's career and pointing out that George isn't mentioned at all, Elaine is intercepted on her way to work by Kramer who gives her the electronic organizer he received as a gift from his bank. Then, after George reveals his love of whales and Kramer heads for the beach to hit golf balls into the surf, Jerry runs into Diane Dekanne, an old college friend who, having seen the magazine, inquires about George. Impressed with Jerry's claim that his friend is now a marine biologist who specializes in whales, Diane asks for George's phone number and calls him for a date.

When the alarm on Elaine's new organizer irritates exiled Russian author Yuri Testikov, he throws it out the window of their limousine. So, after Kramer claims to be giving up golf after getting off only one really good shot all day, Jerry receives a call from a woman named Corinne who found his name in an electronic organizer that hit her in the head. Meeting to discuss the accident, Jerry vows to find the culprit and demand payment of Corinne's medical bills, while Elaine complains to Kramer that she already transferred her entire address book into the organizer and is now lost without it. After being accused by Jerry of carelessly throwing it out the window and hitting Corinne, Elaine retaliates and complains that some questionable information he gave her about Tolstoy embarrassed her in front of her new author.

Told she cannot have the organizer back until Corinne's medical bills have been paid, Elaine hatches a plan to tape Testikov's confession, thereby protecting herself from any liability. However, while readily admitting his guilt, a noise from her hidden tape recorder disturbs the temperamental writer and, accusing Elaine and Jerry of spying on him, he throws it out the window hitting Corinne again. Meanwhile, when a whale is in danger of dying at the beach, George is forced into action and saves the giant mammal by removing a golf ball that was obstructing his blow hole. But, finally admitting that he is not really a marine biologist, George quickly loses Diane's respect and affection while, after visiting her in the hospital, Testikov falls in love with Corinne and takes her back to Russia.

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