Season 6: Episode 102: The Beard

After agreeing to pose as a gay man's girlfriend in order to fool his boss, Elaine criticizes George's toupee. But seeing how he's brimming with self-confidence, Kramer suggests George date an old friend who is moving to town. However, George will only agree only after seeing a picture, so he and Jerry join Kramer at the police station to have a sketch artist draw one. Meanwhile, Kramer gives some Chinese food to a homeless man, who then refuses to return its Tupperware container.

After attending the ballet with Robert, Elaine decides she can convert him to heterosexuality. And when George arranges to meet Denise, Jerry suggests that he either admit to wearing a toupee or not wear it at all. As Kramer is being hired to participate in a police line-up, Jerry is given a tour of the station by Sergeant Cathy Tiemey. However, when he claims he doesn't watch TV's "Melrose Place," Cathy suggests a lie detector test to prove it. After admitting to Elaine that he lied, Jerry then turns to George for advice on beating the test. Meanwhile, when George refuses to date Denise because she is bald, Elaine accuses him of hypocrisy and throws his toupee out the window.

While Elaine is springing her plan on Robert, losing the toupee makes George feel like his old self again and he decides to continue seeing Denise. As Elaine announces her success and Jerry gets some advice on lying from George, Kramer makes another appearance in a police line-up. But Jerry breaks down during his lie detector test and admits the truth, while Elaine is stunned to find that Robert's conversion was only temporary. Finally, Denise rejects George because he's bald, while the homeless man gets revenge by picking Kramer out of a police line.

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