Season 6: Episode 90: The Chinese Woman

After seeing Frank Costanza walking with a man in a cape, a phone call to George accidentally puts Jerry in touch with Donna Chang. Realizing that a problem with the phone lines has connected them, and thinking she is Chinese, Jerry uses the opportunity to make a date with Donna. When a discussion of his underwear turns to sperm counts, Kramer worries that a lifetime of Jockey shorts may have left him depleted, while Elaine is annoyed when her friend Noreen's new boyfriend Paul makes unnecessary small talk on the phone. While Kramer's trip to a fertility clinic confirms his low sperm count, Jerry is disappointed to discover Donna Chang is not really Chinese despite her efforts to make everyone think so. However, he doesn't let the deception stop him from making another date as he warns Elaine that her habit of hanging up on Paul might create suspicions that Noreen is having an affair.

Told of the mysterious caped man, George unsuccessfully probes his father for details before Donna claims that her own long conversation with Estelle revealed she and Frank are getting a divorce. Unwilling to double the amount of time he already spends seeing his parents, George suspects that the caped man is behind the divorce and sets out to remedy the situation. When Noreen breaks up with Paul, Kramer asks Elaine to put in a good word for him before revealing he solved his underwear problem by not wearing any at all. Feeling responsible, Elaine goes to see Noreen and only makes matters worse when she suggests that Paul is boring. Yet, when Noreen again takes her advice to heart, Elaine realizes she holds far too much influence over her friend.

Unaware that Donna has already talked Estelle out of the divorce, George goes to his parent's house to confront the caped man. After offering to mediate their reconciliation, he learns that the stranger is his father's lawyer and that Estelle changed her mind after receiving some sage advice from Donna. But, when Donna and Jerry arrive for dinner and Estelle learns she isn't Chinese, she decides the advice was not so wise after all and resumes her plan for a divorce, Meanwhile, upon calling Noreen, Elaine gets Kramer who, claiming she exercises too much influence over her friend, refuses to let the two women speak with each other. Finally, as Elaine complains about her loss of influence and Kramer announces that he may soon be a father, Noreen is saved from suicide by the sudden arrival of the caped man.

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