Season 6: Episode 101: The Clip Show, Part II

INTRODUCTION: This special 100th episode of SEINFELD looks back at the moments which have defined the show, including George's sexual liaison with a cleaning woman, Elaine's pesky "red dot," and Kramer's effort to save a severed toe. And Jerry also looks at his own foibles, such as making out during "Schindler's List" and his collaboration with George on a sitcom pilot...about nothing.

RELATIONSHIPS: Always fertile ground, relationships are the next stop in this SEINFELD retrospective. In addition to Elaine's date with baseball star Keith Hernandez, there is George's too close encounter with his secretary, as well as Jerry's inability to remember a girlfriend's unusual name.

AMBITION: Jerry's friends are prominently featured in this next segment, particularly George's aspiration to be a famous architect and the frequent use of his association with the fictitious Vandelay Industries. But Elaine and Kramer aren't immune as she's caught trying to impress a famous author, while he's shown in one of his many efforts to start a new business.

OFF THE SUBJECT: In a "show about nothing," what could be more appropriate than frequent digressions from matters at hand, including analyses of decaf cappucino and Superman's sense of humor, as well as Jerry's argument over whether soup makes a meal.

SELF IMAGES: SEINFELD's self-absorbed characters provide more fruitful ground for the "The Clip Show." Included are arguments over who is the bigger idiot, and Elaine's realization that she's become George just as he's decided to "do the opposite."

CATCH PHRASES: One of SEINFELD'S most endearing themes is the use of clever catch phrases. Included here are "Hate the Drake," "The High Talker," "The Low Talker," and "The Close Talker," and the now-classic "Master of His Domain." SENSITIVITY: To close this special 100th episode Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer look back on some of their most "sensitive" moments, including an encounter with the Bubble Boy, a miraculous slip of a Junior Mint and the shocking surprise revealed by an accidental fire at a friend's family cabin.

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