Season 6: Episode 91: The Couch

With the arrival of Jerry's new couch, Elaine takes a serious interest in his furniture mover. As she seductively arranges for Carl to deliver the old couch to her apartment, Kramer announces that he and the restaurant owner Poppie are opening a place where customers make their own pizza. While he and Elaine are eating at Poppie's, Jerry's innocent remark about the restaurateur's mother brings back painful memories of her death after surviving for twelve years in a Communist labor camp. Anxiously awaiting the special duck dinner Kramer arranged for them, Elaine criticism of another restaurant owner's anti-abortion views prompts Jerry to ask Poppie's opinion, too. Meanwhile, George joins a book club to impress his latest girlfriend. But, finding it difficult to get interested in Breakfast at Tiffany's, he decides to rent the video instead.

Despite being told of his mother's abortion at the hands of her oppressors, Elaine's disagrees with Poppie's anti-choice position. As a result, she and several other patrons leave the restaurant without eating -- or paying! Claiming their argument resulted in Poppie being hospitalized, Kramer insists that Jerry and Elaine send him a get well gift. Yet, unaware that he suffers from an intestinal disorder when they send wine and hot chili, Poppie assumes Jerry and Elaine are trying to kill him with a sick practical joke. After tracking down the customer who has already rented Breakfast at Tiffany's, George invites himself to stay and watch it. But when he makes himself at home, he quickly irritates Joe Temple, his wife and their ever-suspicious daughter, Remy.

While at Kramer's apartment to test their pizza idea, Poppie drops in to ask that Jerry pay for the expensive uneaten duck. But when Poppie leaves, Jerry notices that he urinated on the new couch. Unable to live with the stain, he asks Elaine for his old couch back as George agrees to take the one Poppie ruined. However, when Carl comes to pick it up, an accident mars the old couch, too. Meanwhile, as Elaine learns that Carl is also against abortion, Kramer's deal with Poppie collapses when they disagree over using cucumbers on pizza. Finally, George's careless analysis of Breakfast at Tiffany's fails to impress the book club.

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