Season 6: Episode 106: The Doodle

With Jerry shocked to find that the pecans he's been eating off Shelly's plate have already been in her mouth, George is stunned by Paula's doodle -- an unflattering caricature of him. Knowing they take a drawing class together, George turns to Elaine and finds out that Paula likes him, regardless of his looks. Meanwhile, when she's called for a big job interview, Elaine is offered use of the company's luxury suite at the Plaza Hotel after claiming she's from out of town and using Jerry's parent's Florida address as her own.

After discovering that it's infested with fleas, Jerry must vacate his apartment just as his mom and dad arrive to visit his grandmother, Nana. So he persuades Elaine to let them use her suite at the Plaza while he stays with Shelly. At the opulent hotel, Helen and Morty quickly take advantage of the situation and invite Uncle Leo and Nana to join them. Meanwhile, told that a package sent to her at the Seinfeld's address in Florida was a manuscript she's to read before the interview, Elaine discovers she'll have to retrieve it from Jerry's. But there, she and Jerry find Kramer has been inside the poison-filled apartment eating peaches and reading the manuscript for over an hour. And while Elaine cannot find it, when she races in to look, she does find old candy wrappers which point to Newman as the source of Jerry's fleas.

While Newman breaks down and admits he infested the apartment, Jerry's family runs up a huge bill at the hotel. After giving Elaine his synopsis of the missing novel, Kramer finds that the insecticide has caused him to lose his sense of taste, while Jerry is suddenly without a place to stay after refusing to use Shelly's toothbrush. Although her recitation of Kramer's review lands her the job, the hotel bill causes the offer to be withdrawn when Elaine is blamed for the damage caused by Jerry's family. Finally, having found someone to indulge his passion for draping his body in velvet, George announces that his search for the perfect woman is over.

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