Season 6: Episode 104: The Doorman

After an uncomfortable encounter with Mr. Pitt's doorman, Jerry insists on waiting until he's off duty before he and Elaine leave. When Pitt calls home and suspects her of having a party in his absence, he warns Elaine about Mrs. Payton, the head of the building co-op committee. While hosting his father after the break up of his parents, George discovers that Frank has breasts. Meanwhile, Kramer plays a practical joke on some German tourists by pretending to rob George.

As George worries about developing large breasts himself, Kramer designs a new undergannent and presents Frank with "The Bro" - the bra for men. However, when she and George arrive just as he is trying it on, Estelle assumes that her husband is wearing women's underwear. Insisting he would like to be friends, Jerry agrees to watch the building's door while the doorman runs out to the store. But, when he doesn't return as promised and Jerry flees his post, the couch in the lobby is stolen. Then, as Elaine's lies fail to keep her out of trouble and Jerry suspects the doorman of setting up the theft to discredit him, Mrs. Payton demands that they replace the couch -- or else.

Frank takes Kramer's invention to a friend in the bra business. However, when Sid Farkus asks about dating Estelle, Frank refuses to do business with him. Wanting to get rid of his father, George offers Elaine his couch-- the one Jerry gave him after Mr. Poppie relieved himself on it. Unable to live with the thought of her husband in women's underwear, Estelle arrives to take Frank home. But, upon learning she has a date with Sid, he refuses to go. Although Jerry replaces the stolen couch with George's, he and Elaine are unable to keep Mr. Poppie from using it one more time. Then, one of the German tourists tries to have Kramer arrested, until he learns about "The Bro." Finally, without a couch to sleep on, Frank climbs into bed with George.

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