Season 6: Episode 105: The Jimmy

After they beat Jerry and Kramer at basketball, George's teammate Jimmy attributes his own amazing play to his unusual training shoes. Summoned into work right after the game, George is told of some equipment thefts, unaware that his own profuse sweating has made making him the prime suspect. After being given Mr. Pitt's tickets to a benefit for mentally challenged adults featuring singer Mel Torme, Elaine decides to ask a handsome gym member to join her. Although she fails to get his attention, Elaine does catch Jimmy's eye. And when Jimmy makes a pass at her, a misunderstanding causes Elaine to think she has arranged a date with the handsome man.

When they go into business together selling the training shoes, George's deal is jeopardized when Jimmy js injured in an accidental fall -- one caused by Kramer's uncontrollable drooling after he returned from the dentist loaded up with Novocaine. And it's this drooling combined with the loping gait caused by his new training shoes that makes Kramer appear mentally challenged, prompting an invitation to the Mel Torme benefit as an honored guest. Meanwhile, Jerry is disturbed to find that dentist Tim Whatley keeps Penthouse magazines in the office. Kramer suspects that Tim's new assistant is featured in the latest issue of risque magazine, leaving Jerry to wonder what kind of dentist he's gotten himself mixed up with --especially after he comes out of his anesthesia to find Tim and Cheryl putting their clothes back on.

When a Yankee executive misunderstands George's phone call about the training shoes, he accuses him of being the equipment thief. Told of Elaine's conversation at the gym, Jerry realizes her mistake and explains that she's actually agreed to go to the benefit with Jimmy. Yet, upon learning that her real target is gay, Elaine decides to go ahead and take George's injured partner. However, when he sees Kramer at the benefit, Jimmy loses his cool. Finally, after George manages to persuade the Yankee's owner of his innocence, Kramer discovers a letter to Penthouse suggesting that Jerry may have been the unwitting target of Tim's sexual experimentation.

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