Season 6: Episode 103: The Kiss Hello

After Jerry's grandmother calls for help in opening a bottle of ketchup, he and George meet with Elaine and Wendy, a physical therapist with the irritating habit of kissing hello. To top it all off, none of them are too fond of Wendy's dated hairstyle. When George asks about swelling in his arm, despite Elaine's warning against mixing business and pleasure, Wendy invites him to stop by her office for treatment. At his grandmother's, Jerry is surprised to find his Uncle Leo there ready to help. But in the process, Nana brings up the fifty dollars that Leo was to have given Jerry's mom over fifty years ago. Meanwhile, Jerry is reluctant to participate when Kramer wants to post pictures of their building's tenants in the lobby.

Told of the accusation, Jerry's dad immediately begins computing the interest which his wife Helen is owed -- if Leo he really did what Nana has suggested. After Kramer encourages Wendy to keep her hairstyle, he manages to get a photograph of Jerry against his will. And, despite not liking the idea, Jerry sees that the pictures have brought the tenants closer together. When George arrives for a rescheduled appointment with Wendy, he is surprised when he's charged for another he missed. Meanwhile, when Uncle Leo puts Nana in a rest home, the Seinfelds are sure it's to keep them from learning any more about the money.

When Wendy cancels their next appointment, George asks for a cancellation fee, too. Yet, little does he know that the physical therapist took the day off to go skiing with Elaine. And, when he learns the truth, he retaliates by offering his blunt opinion of her hair. Meanwhile, Morty is convinced that Leo is a crook. So Helen asks Jerry to check on Nana at her new home -- where an old friend backs up her story about the money. Finally, when the photos force him to ask that they stop kissing him hello, Jerry's neighbors turn against him.

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