Season 6: Episode 89: The Pledge Drive

Told that she was flirting with Jerry, Elaine calls to question her friend Noreen. But when she mistakes a high voice for that of her friend, Elaine creates big problems by speaking with Noreen's jealous boyfriend Danny instead. After sending a card thanking Jerry for participating in an upcoming public television pledge drive, Kristin is upset to find it in his trash. Struggling to redeem himself, Jerry then offers some old birthday cards from his grandmother Nana he saved as evidence of his sentimentality. Meanwhile, when Kramer discovers the uncashed checks Nana sent as gifts, Jerry is persuaded to finally deposit them before asking George for a Yankee to join him at the pledge drive.

When Elaine notes that Jusrin eats candy bars with a knife and fork, George insists the technique is common among high society. Then, after accusing a waitress of discretely making an obscene gesture with her finger, George gets Danny Tartabull for the pledge drive, while Jerry's deposits cause an overdraft at Nana's old bank. Meanwhile, as she admits to being confused by Danny's high voice, Elaine notices Noreen eating a cookie with a knife and fork, while Tartabull's trip to the pledge drive is interrupted when George follows another driver he thinks made an obscene gesture.

After Uncle Leo discovers she is missing, Nana calls Jerry from the bank, but Elaine hangs up after mistaking her voice for Noreen's boyfriend Danny. Arriving at the PBS studio, Jerry learns Nana is home safe, while Noreen's boyfriend shows up and is held off by Kramer, who takes his high voice to mean he is gay. Meanwhile, George stops the allegedly offensive driver only to discover he has a splint on his finger. As Nana calls the pledge drive after seeing Jerry on television, Kramer also mistakes her for Danny. Realizing his error, he quickly apologizes and convinces her to donate $1,500. Forced to cover his poor grandmother's pledge, Jerry receives a less-than-flattering card from Kristin, while Elaine sees everyone adopting Justin's unusual eating habit.

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