Season 6: Episode 95: The Secretary

While looking for a secretary, George passes up a number of very attractive applicants to hire Ada, a dowdy and prim woman with impeccable qualifications. However, while working late, George is seduced by her efficiency and superb organization. And, in the heat of passion, he promises Ada a raise.

Meanwhile, after buying an expensive dress she later decides makes her look fat, Elaine concludes she was duped by the store's deceptive mirrors. And, when Kramer meets actress Uma Thurman, he borrows a dry cleaning ticket from Jerry to write down her phone number.

Thinking he saw he dry cleaner of wearing his jacket, Jerry suspicions are confirmed when he finds movie tickets in the pocket. Accusing him of wearing it, Jerry asks to be given his mother's fur coat out of storage. Yet, without the cleaning ticket he gave Kramer, Jerry cannot get the fur back. While waiting for Elaine to exchange her dress, Kramer is approached by Kenny Bania with an offer to buy his suit for $300. So, as Elaine sneaks out to use another store's mirror, Jerry arrives to find Kramer waiting in a dressing room for some clothes. Told that he sold the suit, Jerry says it has his cleaning ticket, the one with Uma Thurman's phone number on it. Thouh agreeing to buy Bania two dinners in exchange for the receipt, he finds that a leaky tube of moisturizer obliterated everything on the claim check.

After deciding not to buy the dress, Elaine discovers she has no choice after it picks up a stain outside. Meanwhile, after George makes a successful case for Ada's raise, he learns that she will now be making more money than him. So, he turns to Steinbrenner to get a raise for himself. Then, Jerry catches the cleaner's wife wearing the fur and demands that she give it back, ticket or no ticket. But, while wearing it to cover himself, Kramer is pursued by some angry anti-fur passersby. Finally, as Jerry makes good on their deal, Bania rushes off for his date with a woman whose phone number he found in Kramer's suit.

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