Season 6: Episode 93: The Soup

Persuaded that she was flirting with him, George asks the waitress at Monk's coffee shop on a date.

However, when his carefree discussion of horse manure prompts Kelly to casually mention a boyfriend, Jerry suspects she made it up in order to avoid going out with George again. Then, Jerry is offered a free suit by a comedian he doesn't especially like. But when comic Kenny Bania delivers it, there's a catch --he wants Jerry to take him out for dinner in return. Yet, Kenny only orders a bowl of soup, so he and Jerry argue over whether it fulfills their deal. Meanwhile, Elaine invites a man she just met in England to visit and, before long, Simon begins taking advantage of her hospitality.

With Kramer dating a waitress at Reggie's, George asks him to find out if Kelly really has a boyfriend. During Jerry's quarrelsome lunch with Kenny, Kramer reveals that she doesn't. As Elaine looks forward to his return home, Jerry decides to rid himself of the suit once and for all by giving it to Simon -- only to have Kenny ask for it back. Then, after picking up another woman while wearing it, Simon postpones his return indefinitely. Meanwhile, only after getting rid of his refrigerator for health reasons does Kramer learn that his new girlfriend Hildy has a medical condition which requires her to eat nearly all the time.

Uncomfortable going back to Monk's, George persuades his friends to try Reggie's instead. But Jerry and Elaine don't like it, so George speaks with the manager and quickly finds they are no longer welcome. Claiming that Kelly should quit so he can return, George sets out to get rid of her. And when Kramer's repeated calls to Reggie's get Hildy fired, he knows just how he'll do it. But George is unaware that Kelly has already quit, so his phone calls only irritate the manager, who says that he never wants to see him at Monk's again. Finally, as Kenny arrives at Monk's to ask Kelly for a date, he gets a chance to get his suit back when Simon drops by, too.

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