Season 7: Episode 120: The Gum

To help revive an old movie theater, Kramer calls on George's childhood neighbor Lloyd Braun, who's recovering from a nervous breakdown. Gloating over Lloyd's misfortune, George runs into his old neighbor Pop Lazzari. But when his daughter Deena reveals he gave up his garage after a nervous breakdown of his own, it's too late for him to keep Pop from working on George's car.

Uncomfortable about sitting with Lloyd at the theater, Elaine claims Jerry forgot his glasses and asks to be put in the front row. And to protect Lloyd's feelings, Kramer gives Jerry a pair of glasses from the theater's lost and found. But when Kramer learns they belong to the guest of honor at the theater's grand reopening, he trades them for a much stronger pair, making it virtually impossible for Jerry to see. Meanwhile, a pair of revealing accidents convince Lloyd that Elaine is coming on to him.

Though upset with the noises now coming from his car, George is excited when Deena suggests they get together --- until discovering she thinks he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And listening to George blame everyone from her father to a coffee shop cashier for a fire that destroyed his car only reinforces the belief. Yet, it's seeing George promoting a theater matinee dressed as King Henry the Eighth that convinces Deena he's insane.

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