Season 7: Episode 115: The Hot Tub

Elaine has agreed to put up a marathon runner who once overslept and missed an Olympic race. But when her track record for lateness gives Jean-Paul reason to think he's picked the wrong host, Jerry takes responsibility for getting him to the New York City Marathon on time. To keep from being bothered at work, George adopts an annoyed look. But it suggests to his boss that he's working too hard. So Mr. Wilhelm asks him to relax by entertaining some visiting Houston Astros executives, whose casual use of profanity George quickly adopts. Meanwhile, a malfunctioning heat pump in his new hot tub causes Kramer's body temperature to plummet.

When Mr. Wilhelm overhears some off-color banter with his Astros counterparts, he worries that George has gone over the edge. And after the colorful language rubs off on Jean-Paul, his comments to a single mother and neighbor of Elaine's create entirely the wrong impression. Meanwhile, after persuading Jean-Paul to stay in a hotel on the eve of the race, Jerry's doubts about the desk clerk responsible for his wake-up call send a frustrated Jean-Paul back to the Seinfeld apartment.

As she's being accused of telling Jean-Paul about the child her neighbor bore out of wedlock, Elaine is unaware that the nosy Rabbi Kirschbaum is listening nearby. As a result, not only does the entire building now know the neighbor's secret, but they've all weighed in on Elaine's supposed relationship with Jean-Paul, too. And even though Kramer's powerful new heat pump for his hot tub causes a blackout which disables Jerry's alarm clock, Jean-Paul makes it to the starting line as the race is beginning. But just as Jean-Paul takes the lead, he accidentally mistakes Kramer's cup of scalding hot tea for water.

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