Season 7: Episode 134: The Invitations

Even after he and Susan purchase the invitations, George desperately searches for some way to keep their wedding from happening. And as Elaine lobbies to be an usher, Jerry realizes that George's marriage will leave him alone with Kramer. So, when a woman saves Jerry from being run down by a car, Jerry falls in love with Jeannie Steinman, a woman who turns out to be just like him! Meanwhile, Kramer tries to take advantage of a bank's policy to pay $100 anytime an employee doesn't say "hello."

Refusing to let Elaine usher, Susan also insists that Kramer not either. So, when Jerry asks to bring Jeannie as his date, Elaine worries that she and Kramer will be stuck together at the wedding. After George's threat of a pre-nuptial agreement fails to get him out of marriage, Elaine drops by his office and suddenly finds herself agreeing to go to the wedding as George Steinbrenner's date. Meanwhile, upon asking for $100 after he's greeted with "hey" instead of the promised "hello," Kramer accepts the bank manager's offer of $20 as a compromise.

As Jerry proposes to Jeannie, Elaine's diet pills induce behavior which even Steinbrenner finds difficult to endure. Then, upon learning of Jerry's engagement, George returns home to find that Susan mysteriously died. And while Jerry is now the one having second thoughts, George learns that the glue on the inexpensive invitations he insisted they use caused his fiancee's death. Finally, as Jerry reluctantly prepares for a marriage he doesn't even want, George plans his own return to single life.

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