Season 7: Episode 113: The Maestro

While shopping for new clothes at a store owned by her uncle, Susan does her best to change George's wardrobe. But he's preoccupied by a store security guard who spends all day standing on the job. And when George comes back later, the guard admits that a chair would be nice for a change. Meanwhile, Kramer and his attorney Jackie Chiles are certain they'll win big in his lawsuit against Java World. But when his friend, a police orchestra conductor who prefers to be called maestro, stops in with a special balm for his burns, it works too well and jeopardizes the lawsuit.

When Java World offers free coffee for life to settle the suit, Kramer hastily accepts, unaware that they were also prepared to pay him $50,000. Then, during a dinner date, the orchestra conductor persuades Elaine to call him maestro, too. Meanwhile after listening to him brag about his home in Tuscany, Jerry refuses to believe maestro's claim that there are no other houses available in the Italian region. So, when he invites Elaine to join him in Tuscany, Jerry is determined to prove he can find a place of his own there, too.

Though his lawyer is humiliated by the quick settlement, Kramer is anxious to start cashing in. But all that free coffee soon starts affecting his behavior. And when Jerry gets a lead on a house in Tuscany, he's unable to refuse the offer and ends up renting a place he didn't really want. Meanwhile, after George provides him with a new rocking chair, the guard falls asleep on the job and the store ends up being robbed. Finally, while at his villa, Elaine and maestro are shocked too see their new neighbors ... Jerry and Kramer.

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