Season 7: Episode 118: The Pool Guy

When Elaine has an extra ticket to a museum's costume show, Jerry suggests asking Susan. However, worried about mixing his life with Susan with that of his friends, George tries to keep it from happening. While at the movies with Kramer, Jerry runs into the recently fired pool man at his health club. And though Jerry tries discouraging him, Ramon ends up joining them for the evening. Meanwhile, when his new phone number brings a flurry of wrong number calls for Movie Phone, Kramer takes it upon himself to help as many callers as he can.

Uninterested in pursuing a friendship with Ramon, Jerry tries to let him down gently. But Ramon assumes that it's because he cleans pools for a living, and getting his job back at the club provides the perfect opportunity for revenge. Yet, when Jerry tries to even the score, he nearly kills Ramon while getting himself and Newman banished from the club.

After refusing to join them at the coffee shop, George is furious to learn Susan is at the movies with Jerry and Elaine. So he calls Movie Phone to find out where he can find them to put an end to their developing friendship. But he gets Kramer instead. And when George's impatience sends him to the wrong theater, he's thrown out for creating a disturbance. However, he needn't have bothered since Susan already decided she's ill-suited for Jerry and Elaine's company.

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